7 drone photos before crash (videos at the end)!

Year by year more and more drones get traded on the market and the consequences of that are obvious: more accidents happen.

Fortunately enough, most of them only harm the quadcopter, so let's see 11 types of drone crashes in 2018.

Drone game: guess how it will crash

Let's play a game!

I'm gonna list 7 photos with drones before crashing and I dare you to guess how they ended up.

Some are obvious and some are less, but certainly you'll have fun trying to predict the outcomes.

Don't worry, at the end there's gonna be a video with the actual footage for each crash, in order. Don't forget to comment underneath each photo what you think happened.

1. A dog and a drone? What can happen?

This photo is truly outstanding and funny enough to even consider  posting on social media, but what was the dog actually doing?

  • trying to take a jumping selfie
  • being amazed while he controlled o drone (but we don't see the  transmitter in his paws yet)
  • was caught having a bath naked and  screamed

2. Red smoke? Fire? Is this art?

This might be an art exhibit or a weapon of mass distruction. I want you to speculate in the comments.

3. Drone crash by mexican wrestler?

Even if you can predict the crash… I'm no sure you would know how to explain that mexican wrestling costume and that strange setting… just try it.

4. Drone crash on motorcycle?

Motorcycle crash? Probably not, or who knows…

5. Drone fire accident

That right there is a Parrot Bebop, a pretty good drone in my opinion. I wonder what will happen…

  • propellers move so fast they start a fire
  • owner used rocket fuel instead of batteries
  • it came from the depths of Hell

6. Return to home crash

The title says it, but this is still a lesson to be learned, so scroll down for more.

7. Controlled flying? Think again!

I see a net behind that, I wonder if this is safe or not. You decide.

And here is the verdict video, how well did you predict them? I hope your answers were more interesting than what actually happened in real life.

Skip to minute 1:30 if you want to see the videos directly.

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