About us - What is Dronesgator?

about dronesgator and Paul

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm the creator of both Dronesgator.com as well as the youtube channel Dronesgator.

I'm quite passionate about technology and always loved the idea of flying, so here I am.

I have tested a TON of drones and reviewed them on the site and on youtube, so you bet I know what I'm recommending.

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Check out our youtube channel!

If you prefer to consume video content, rather than reading text, heck out our youtube channel and you'll find some really interesting side by side comparisons and news.

"Before you fly" Drone checklist (FREE)

If you find yourself often in the situation where you are unprepared for a flight and regret it after (I know I do), this checklist is perfect for creating the right habits for that!

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