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American Made Drones: 18 Drone Companies from the USA (not DJI)

Updated in 2024 by Paul Posea
Drones made by US companies

You’ve probably noticed that almost every electronic product has a “Made in China” label on it. But what about drones? Are there any drones that are 100% made in the USA?

The answer is not so simple. Many US drone companies do exist, but they don’t actually build drones entirely.

So what do they do? Well, rumor has it that they import most of the components from other countries and just assemble them in America.

Before a product is marked “made in the USA,” conditions must be met. According to America's Federal Trade Commission, all the significant parts of drone, processing, and labor that go into the product must be of U.S origin.

Whether you need an American drone for patriotic or professional reasons, I’ve done the hard work to list out manufacturers that do indeed meet said conditions.

This post will be covering both manufacturers and individual drones, before wrapping things up with certain commonly asked questions.

Drone manufacturers in the USA

Terra View

TerraView has its headquarters in Valencia, California. Terra View has manufactured the Range Pro X8 and Range Pro X8P, mainly used for industrial and government surveillance.

Aero systems west

Based in San Martin, California, Aero Systems West designed the Heavy Lift Multirotor(HLM) Drones used for Federal, industrial, and commercial applications. The company offers complete drone care service plans for maintenance.

AguaDrone Innovations

AguaDrone innovations are all environment and weather UAVs built for commercial fishing, marine research, military, ocean science, and Aquaculture. The drones can be used for advanced data analytics and have quick change pod accessories.


UAVAmerica is in San Diego, California, and has manufactured custom drones like the X8 UAV and Eagle XF.UAV drones don't need the internet to operate, limiting them from cyber attacks.


AuterionGS is a drone company based in Moorpark, California, and Zúrich, Switzerland. Auterion is a leader in open sauce innovation and manufactures drones with easy-to-use and defined software. 

Hitec Commercial solutions

Hitec Commercial Solutions is a drone company based in San Francisco, California. Hitec Commercial has manufactured the Xeno Fx drone with fixed-wing mapping and a fully integrated payload system. The Xeno FX is fully automated and designed for surveillance, mapping, and broad coverage.

Orion Technology group

Orion Technology is a drone manufacturing company in Wilmington, Delaware. Orion is the manufacturer and designer of small unmanned aerial systems and nano X series, including Orion Artificial Intelligence Mission- System. Orion drones are portable and designed for industrial use because they have special software that enables human to robot and robot to robot profiles.

Robotic research

Robotic Research manufactures drones mainly for commercial and military use. Robotic Research is based in Clarksburg, Maryland, and is a market leader and provider of an automated technology.


Skypersonic has its headquarters in Troy, Michigan, and has manufactured the SKycopter drone used for indoor GPS positioning systems and industrial inspections. Skypersonic started manufacturing drones in 2014.

Vantage Robotics

Vantage robotics is a drone manufacturing company in San Leandro, California, run by a team of engineers from Yale and Stanford. The company manufactures and services drones at its headquarters.


xCraft is a drone company based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; it manufactures and designs unmanned aerial systems for military and commercial use. xCraft works with security agencies, government defense agencies, and energy companies to create drone applications.


Sentera is a company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that manufactured the PHX drone. This drone has a hand launchable fixed-wing and enables you to capture analytic data and view live HD video.


Planck, a company based in San Diego, California, manufactures drones that automatically operate from a moving vessel or vehicle on sea and land. Planck designs advanced drone navigation systems that boost surveillance capabilities, real-time data transfer, force protection, and surveillance.


Insitu is owned by the Boeing company, with its headquarters in Bingen, Washington, and other offices in the United Kingdom, Oregon, Australia, and California. Insitu develops and designs cost-effective, high-performance drones used for commercial, industrial, and military purposes.

Ascent Aerosystems

Ascent Aerosystems is based in Tewksbury, Massachusetts; it manufactures and designs coaxial drones for military and industrial use. Ascent drones are durable and portable, perfect for essential mission operations in harsh environments.

Easy Aerial

EasyAerial has its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York City. It mainly develops and manufactures automated high-quality aerial monitoring solutions for Drones.EasyAerial designs multi-purpose drones used for surveillance.

Bell Flight

Bell fort is a Subsidiary of Textron, and it manufactures drones used for military purposes. Bell Flight has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.


Skydio, based in Redwood City, California, specializes in autonomous drones for consumer and enterprise use, featuring advanced AI for obstacle avoidance. Ideal for inspections, surveillance, and content creation, Skydio's products, including Skydio 2 and X2, highlight its commitment to safety and innovation in the UAV sector.

Drones made in the USA

Parrot Anafi USA

The Parrot Anafi USA drone is manufactured in Massachusetts; it’s designed for military, commercial, and personal use. Parrot Anafi USA flies to a 4km range for 32 minutes and can take 4K videos with a 21-megapixel camera.

Parrot Anafi USA has a feature that sends alerts by making your smartphone vibrate whenever action is needed with a convenient remote control option. The drone is easy to use, compact and stable; it flies at a maximum speed of 52.9 km per hour.


Aquadrome is the world's first waterproof drone used for fishing. Aquadrome has built-in sonar technology that can be used to film and catch fish. You can use aquadrome to see the fish and pull it out once it takes the bait.

TerraView RangePro X8P

Range pro has a 70 minute flight time, 30-minute mile range, and 4k resolution camera. Range pro is wholly manufactured in the USA by TerraView and is mainly used for military operations.

Skydio 2

Skydio 2 is a US-manufactured drone designed for cinematography. Skydio 2 flies to a 3.5km range for 23 minutes and takes 4k videos with a 45- megapixel camera. Skydio 2 has the follow-me feature, and you can use it whenever skiing or riding a bike. It has a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that lets you take shake-free clear shots and can avoid obstacles.

Autel Robotics EVO II

The Autel Robotics EVO II is tailored for both professionals and hobbyists, offering advanced features like a 40-minute flight time, a 10-kilometer range, and dual cameras that support 8K and 4K resolutions. Its 48-megapixel sensor is perfect for high-quality images and live feeds, catering to needs ranging from cinematic footage to detailed aerial surveys.

The Autel Robotics EVO II excels in professional cinematography, aerial photography, and precise surveying, making it ideal for capturing stunning visuals and conducting detailed inspections across different sectors.

Controversy About Autel EVO 2

The Autel Robotics EVO II has been at the center of discussions concerning its manufacturing origin. While Autel is a Chinese company, it's important to note that the EVO II drone is manufactured in the United States. This clarification is crucial amidst debates over whether the drone is US-made or Chinese-made, highlighting the intricate realities of global manufacturing practices. 

Despite Autel's Chinese roots, the EVO II's production in the USA aligns with a commitment to adhering to local manufacturing standards and meeting the expectations for drones made within the country, navigating the complex global landscape of drone manufacturing.

Vantage Robotics Vesper

Vesper is an American-made drone designed for commercial and consumer purposes in 2018. It has a 50 minute flight time,4k resolution, and 48-megapixel camera. 

Its camera has low light properties ideal for night operations and three-axis stabilization. Vesper is a compact, lightweight drone that's portable.

Why are most drones made in China?

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of some of the drone companies on our list — they’re definitely not household names. Renowned drone companies are, unfortunately, based in China. Here’s why that’s generally the case.

Most drones are made in China mainly because of the country's advanced manufacturing capabilities, lower labor costs, and significant governmental support for the tech and export sectors. These advantages allow Chinese companies to produce drones more cost-effectively.

And, of course, cost-effectiveness leads to a wide range of products that are all priced much more competitively.

Challenges Facing US Drone Companies:

Cost Concerns:

American drone makers encounter higher production costs due to stringent regulations, elevated labor expenses, and a focus on cutting-edge technology and quality. This results in US-made drones being pricier than their Chinese counterparts, which is a significant hurdle in a market sensitive to price.

Competitive Market:

The global market's saturation with Chinese manufacturers means American firms are up against established brands that enjoy the benefits of scale and a vast consumer base.

Regulatory Barriers:

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape in the US can hinder innovation and delay the market introduction of new drones. This challenge is magnified when competing against Chinese manufacturers who face less stringent regulations. At the same time, however, American regulations can have a two-toned effect, as you’ll see next.

The Impact of Regulations on American Drone Manufacturing

In the United States, rules and standards greatly influence how drones are made. Programs like the "Buy American Act" require government agencies to buy products and services from the U.S. whenever they can. This rule has made American-made drones more popular, boosting their sales in the country.

Recently, some foreign-made drones, especially those from China, have been banned in places like Florida. This ban has made people even more interested in drones made in the U.S. 

The main goal of these bans is to keep the public safe and help public works departments. As a result, making drones in America has become even more important in the competitive world of drone manufacturing.

Opportunities for American Drone Companies

Despite the challenges, there's a bright side: the demand for drones made in the USA is on the rise, and there's a growing interest in new and innovative uses for drones.

These companies have a real chance to shine by focusing on what they do best. They're known for cutting-edge technology, top-notch manufacturing quality, and following strict rules and standards. These strengths give them an edge.

If American drone companies can tackle these challenges head-on, they have the potential to lead the global drone market. This isn't just about staying ahead in the race; it's about opening doors to new ideas and growth opportunities in the drone world.

Innovations in American Drone Technology

As we’ve seen, progress for American drone technology is not without obstacles. At the same time, however, it’s not completely stagnant either. In fact, recent times have seen pretty exciting innovations:

Enhanced Autonomy:

American drones are becoming more autonomous. They navigate independently, avoid obstacles, follow moving targets, and return home with minimal pilot intervention.

Improved Battery Life:

U.S. companies are extending drone battery life, enabling longer flights and greater distance coverage, ideal for extensive area surveys and deliveries.

Advanced Cameras and Sensors:

Drones from the U.S. now feature sophisticated cameras and sensors. They capture high-quality imagery and video in challenging environments, useful for a wide range of applications from filmmaking to infrastructure inspection.

Stronger and Lighter Materials:

Modern drones are made with materials that are both light and strong, improving efficiency and durability. This is especially beneficial for drones for beginners, as they can better withstand the challenges faced by new pilots.

Better Connectivity and Control:

Enhanced connectivity allows pilots to control drones from greater distances with more stable connections, reducing control loss risks.

Eco-Friendly Options:

Some U.S. drone makers focus on environmentally friendly designs, using sustainable materials and developing electric drones for a smaller environmental footprint.

Industry-Specific Customization:

Drones are being tailored for various industries, including agriculture, real estate, filmmaking, and scientific research, each equipped with specialized features.

In essence, American drone technology is breaking new ground with smarter, longer-lasting, and more adaptable drones, enhancing both recreational and professional applications.


Wrapping up, if you're in the market for a drone, American-made options are a great choice. Companies like TerraView and Aero Systems West are standing out in the global market, despite intense competition. 

They're producing top-quality drones that adhere to the stringent U.S. standards, with a focus on advanced technology and durable manufacturing. 

Whether for industrial purposes or as a beginner pilot, you'll find that American manufacturers offer a diverse and innovative range. 

Frequently asked questions

Is DJI an American company?

No, DJI is a Chinese company. However, DJI does have a significant presence in the United States. They have offices in California, New York, and Washington D.C., and they sell their products through American retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Are Autel drones made in the USA?

Autel drones are made in the USA; over 75 % of the components used to build and manufacture Autel EVO II are sourced and made in America. The remotes, airframes, and batteries used to manufacture Autel Evo II are produced in America.

Are any drones made in the USA?

A few drones are manufactured in the US, with 75% of their components sourced from American-based suppliers. However, finding drones wholly manufactured in the US is harder than you think. Some drones are assembled in America, but most parts are shipped from other countries.

What criteria must be met for a drone to be labeled "Made in the USA"?

To be labeled "Made in the USA," all significant parts, processing, and labor that go into the drone must be of U.S. origin, as per America's Federal Trade Commission standards.

What are some unique features of drones manufactured by TerraView?

TerraView, headquartered in Valencia, California, manufactures drones like the Range Pro X8 
and Range Pro X8P, primarily used for industrial and government surveillance.

What kind of drones does Aero Systems West specialize in?

Based in San Martin, California, Aero Systems West specializes in Heavy Lift Multirotor (HLM) Drones used for federal, industrial, and commercial applications.

What applications are AguaDrone Innovations' drones designed for?

AguaDrone Innovations produces all-environment and weather UAVs built for commercial fishing, marine research, military, ocean science, and aquaculture.

Can UAV America's drones operate without the internet?

Yes, UAVAmerica's drones, such as the X8 UAV and Eagle XF, can operate without the internet, making them less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

What type of drones does Hitec Commercial Solutions produce?

Hitec Commercial Solutions manufactures drones like the Xeno Fx, which is designed for surveillance, mapping, and broad coverage with a fully integrated payload system.

What are the specialties of Orion Technology group's drones?

Orion Technology group designs small unmanned aerial systems and nano X series, including drones with special software enabling human-to-robot and robot-to-robot interactions, suitable for industrial use.

What is the focus of Robotic Research's drone manufacturing?

Robotic Research, based in Clarksburg, Maryland, focuses on manufacturing drones mainly for commercial and military use, being a leader in automated technology.

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