A beautiful display of scenery along the Superstition Mountains

Youtuber Ryan Gordon set on adventurous exploring trip around Arizona where he records some of the most incredible footage I've ever seen. Water bridges, dams and beautiful rocky mountains, all come united under a warm feeling given by the touch of the sun.

DJI Inspire 1 Arizona trip reel

We'll start with this amazing footage that sums up what the experience of traveling to that place must feel like. Enjoy!

The Apache Trail: Phantom 3 Pro


The Apache Trail from Arizona is named after the Apache indians that used it to move originally through the Superstition Mountains

Searching the Apache Kid cave with a drone

The Apache Kid (who's the inspiration for the Marvel superhero Apache kid) was a White mountain Apache Scout. 

The next video aims to search and show the surroundings of a legenday cave where this individual presumably hid from the army. 

The cave is also known as Wave Cave.

Horseshoe Bend – a beautiful view of Colorado river

A last glimpse at the Superstition Mountains

This has been a fantastic journey and the imagery was truly spectacular.

 Both the Phantom 3 and the Inspire one quadcopters managed to shoot qigh quality 4k video. 

But all this being accounted for, the main spotlight here is on the landscape itself. Have a go at this last video. I hope you enjoyed.