A drone company called Little Ripper Group has been asked to develop drone systems to help with detecting crocodile threats during the peak tourist seasons by the Australian government.


"The Queensland government said, 'Hey do we have a challenge for you and asked can you spot crocodiles for us?' Crocodiles are slinky people that like dark, muddy water, so we took on that challenge," he said.
Paul Scully-Power
Ripper Group cofounder

This technology can also drop flotation devices for people in need along the coastal lines, increasing chances of survival before the rescue teams get there.


An initial trial was conducted in november to conduct and monitor the movement of crocodiles in an area of Queensland so to test if this technology can be of use in such cases.

Since Australian waters are avoided by some swimmers because of the risc of crocodiles being in the area, this initiative might provide value to the state by increasing the confidence and numbers of tourists.

The technology also features an in-built siren and speaker system and can also deploy flotation pods during emergency rescues to support up to four people.