Aviator 8811 drone review(complete guide)

The Aviator 8811 GPS drone comes with some almost required specs for the year 2020.
What are you gonna see in this article review?

We'll go over the pros, cons and individual specs of the drone.

I'm going to present the main alternatives in this price range (you can also check out my top drones under $200 list).

And at the end, I'll make some recommendations for who this drone is made for and if you should buy it or not.

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8811 drone Specs (vs Competition)

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Battery life

If you're new to the hobby, you should first get an idea about how long a drone is suposed to fly.


One thing I would tell any newbie would be that real life battery is a bit less than what the drone specs say.


So, in this case, the Aviator 8811 drone has a 25 min flight time on the specs, so expect about 3 to 5 minutes less in this case.


But a 20 minute battery life is still great, considering most drones under 

drone lipo batteries explained

Range (Flight Distance)

The maximum range you can control this drone at is 1km. If you're interested to see what drones can fly as far as 9km, check my list with the best long range drones.

However, keep in mind that the 8811 drone must be controlled while you look at the screen (after you lose sight of it).

The visual transmission is lost after about 400m or so, but even if you lose visual, you can still control the drone and press the return to home button if you can't see it anymore.

Can It be flown inside?

No, the 8811 can't be flown inside in most scenarios. However, you could deactivate the GPS and use only the bottom stabilization cameras.


This means you could theoretically fly it inside bigger buildings or halls, but don't do it inside your house in a small room, it can be dangerous.

Does it come back after losing signal or low battery?

Yes, the Aviator 8811 will return to home by itself if it gets to low battery or loses signal.


What if you long left the launching spot?


In that case, make sure you stop when you get notified of low battery voltage and land the drone manually on the spot.


The drone doesn't return to home with the utmost precision, but it's good enough so you can return it manually to a safe spot.

drone return to home explained

Skydio 2 vs Visuo Zen K1 - Which one is better?

Although you'll find that the Visuo Zen K1 usually specs a 4k camera on sites like banggood, it has in fact a 2k camera for videos and it only takes 4k photos (just like the Aviator 8811 drone).


The only difference I found is the battery life being 3 more minutes in the Visuo Zen K1, at least on paper.


Otherwise these two drones are quite exactly the same, and that's why I was comparing them.


Get the one that you find to be the cheapest.


Add to compare

Skydio 2
Mavic 2 Pro
mavic 2 pro
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Mavic Air
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Dji Spark
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Camera Quality

The drone does take 4k photos but 2k video, and it's not stabilized. 


However the overall stability of the drone makes up for it and results in quite some stable footage overall.


The ability to move the camera up and down makes for a great way to improve your creativity. Many drones in this price category can't do this, believe it or not.


Can you stabilize the footage in any way?

The footage is not stable by default, but since it's in fairly high resolution, you can stabilize it in post processing in programs like adobe premiere.


Another advantage of this drone is that it records directly on the micro SD card instead of the phone, so the quality is better and it doesn't register the lag from the drone.


Can the camera zoom in 50 times?

Weirdly enough, you can actually zoom in 50x with this camera drone. It's a digital zoom, so the image quality will be lowered, but considering the image is 2k, you will be impressed that it can actually show quite a lot of detail.


This is perfect for exploration, wildlife watching and keeping your distance.


App and flight modes

The app for the aviator 8811 is calle Lula RC, but I've noticed that other similar apps for drones work too. So if the app doesn't work for you, you can also download Hfun+ from the Playstore.


Remember that if you want the app to work, your phone needs to be compatible with 5g wifi 802.11 ac.

You can do a google search with your phone brand and 802.11ac wifi to see if you have it.

What flight modes does the skydio 2 come with?

You can find the standard shots like orbit or follow me.

The follow me happens by tracking the GPS location of your phone, so it has mixed results, but it can be fun.


Remember to do it in an open space.


The controller is a pretty standard one, but has one interesting feature that can be super helpful.

It comes with an LCD that shows telemetry data like distance, height and what's best: the position and orientation of the drone, relative to you.


It comes with two speed modes, return to home button and even an automatic orbit mode button.

Parts and Accessories

You can get this drone from sites like Banggood or Tomtop, and it usually comes with package that have up to 3 batteries, the more you want, the more it costs.


So what will you get in the box?

Design and Unboxing

As you can see, you'll not only get the foldable drone, but a bunch of aditional accessories, the basic pack that you can find with most drones on the market. If you get at least one spare battery you should be safe.

8811 gps drone

Does the 8811 come with an included microSD?

Unfortunately it doesn't come with a micro SD card, but only the slot, so make sure to get one when you buy it, or check if you have one at home.


Aviator 8811 Price, Manual and Instructions

Who should buy it (is it worth the price)?

The aviator 8811 delivers a compact package at a very cheap price and allows you to explore and test a camera drone (maybe for the first time in your life).


Aviator 8811 drone

8811 gps drone
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