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Best Drones for hunting

Best drones for hunting in 2019

Are drones actually used in hunting?

Yes they are, and with the latest technology I’d say they also improve the overall hunting experience by adding another dimension to the sightseeing.

This article is going to list some of the top drones for hunting in 2019 along with regulations and why you’d want to get a quadcopter for your hunting endeavors.


MY TOP 4 Drones for hunting

These two are the best 2 choices I would make for hunting drones if I were to pick one for myself.

They have the best of all worlds, being silent, long ranged and with really good cameras that can track anything by the touch of a button.

My 2 top picks (if you're in a hurry)

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom – ultimate drone for hunting

  • 4k camera
  • 8km range
  • up to 6x zoom in 1080p res
  • 29 min battery
  • silent propellers
  • 72km/h speed
  • foldable design
  • advanced sensors in all directions

Dji Spark – Best budget dron for hunting

  • 1080p camera
  • 3km range
  • small in size
  • 15 min battery
  • 50km/h speed
  • advanced flight sensors

Table with the best choices you can make

I wanted to keep things simple for you and give you you just a few of the best drone choices on the market for improving your hunting experience.

ProductBattery lifeRangeCamera
Dji Spark Review – the perfect camera drone under $500?
Dji Spark Review – the perfect camera drone under $500?
15 min
3000 m
$549.00 Buy It Now
2 DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom
DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom
29 min
8000 m
$1,439.00 Buy It Now
3 Parrot Anafi Drone review
Parrot Anafi Drone review
25 min
4000 m
$699.00 $699.99 Buy It Now
4 Dji Mavic Pro 1 – Still a good drone in 2019?
Dji Mavic Pro 1 – Still a good drone in 2019?
23 min
7000 m
$899.00 $999.99 Buy It Now
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Is the use of drones legal for hunting?

Considering you’re not going to shoot game with your drone directly, drone use for hunting is just as legal as standard drone flying.

However, there are still some regulations in place.

Funny enough, it’s safer to use a drone for hunting than filming in your own town, as most regulations prevent you from flying in cities and above peoples property. That means that in the forest or your wild hunting grounds, drones are going to be as safe as it gets.


What are the federal regulations when it comes to drones?

There are certain regulations you need to follow and other safety tips that the FAA has put in place to make drone flying safer:

  • Fly bellow 400 feet
  • Keep drone within sight
  • Never fly near airports
  • Never fly over groups of people
  • Never fly over stadiums or sport events
  • never fly near emergency response efforts
  • Never fly under influence

Do you have to register your drone for hunting

You have to register your drone only if it’s over 250 grams. Most drones that I would recommend for hunting are over that size, so, yes, you’ll have to register your drone to fly legally.

But the registration process only costs $5 and is pretty easy to do.

You can fly without registering the drone, as there are low chances you’d disturb anyone in the forest, but I advise against it, considering how simple the process is.

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DJI Mavic Zoom - best drone for hunting





Battery life



2x optical 6 x digital (lossless)

The Mavic 2 Zoom is definitely my top pic as the perfect hunting drone thanks to its long battery life, range and very useful zoom option.

If you have the budget, or you also plan to use the drone to take cinematic shots even as a professional, this is definitely the way to go.

You won’t find a better zoom drone, and this is something I would prioritize when it comes to finding deer and wild animals without scaring them off.

The silent propellers also make a non-intrusive sound that’s pleasant to the ears and doesn’t disturb animals that easily.

The follow function can be used to automatically track humans or cars, but also animals and follow them around.

Thanks to its 72km/h max speed, it’s fast enough to follow any wild animal (even a cheetah).

It comes with advanced sensors and cameras in all directions for better obstacle avoidance, especially important in the forest.

  • Great build
  • Many automatic flight modes including automatic follow
  • Sensors in every direction (for obstacle avoidance)
  • very fast 72 km/h
  • amazing zoom lens
  • 29min battery life
  • it's over $1000 (but worth it)
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DJI Spark - Best cheap hunting drone





Battery life




The DJI Spark is probably the drone suitable for most hunters out there that don’t want to break the bank and want a very capable drone to scout the area and look for wild animals.

The resolution isn’t 4k, but it does come with a really great camera and a 2 axis gimbal with electronic image stabilization.

The small portable body allows you to even launch it from your hand, no need to put it on the ground, and even launch it while holding a hand outside the window of your car (not while in motion).

There are multiple battery charger packs online and tons of accessories for this drone.

The battery may not last as long as some of the others, but it’s enough to scout quite a lot.

  • Can start from hand
  • very portable
  • great quality for the price
  • 50km/h in sport mode
  • many accessories to choose from
  • not the best battery life
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Parrot anafi - cheap zoom drone





Battery life



2.8 x lossless zoom

The Parrot Anafi is a really great drone with the compared features of the previous two: low price and zoom camera.

It shoots in 4k and even can turn the camera upwards 90 degrees, for interesting shots.

The 2.8 lossless zoom is digital, and can be done in 1080p with really nice image quality.

Fact is, this drone isn’t much more expensive than the DJI Spark, and that makes it incredibly well priced for what it can deliver.

However, you won’t have any front or back facing sensors for obstacle avoidance, but it does come with position hold sensors at the bottom for precise landing and launching.


  • Foldable and small
  • Many automatic flight modes including automatic follow
  • camera can even turn up to 90 degrees
  • very fast 52 km/h
  • amazing zoom lens
  • 25min battery life
  • no front or back sensors
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DJI Mavic Pro





Battery life




The mavic pro is the original smart drone, released a few years ago, but still very relevant, especially considering its price dropped by a lot.

Now you can find very good package offers on Amazon for new Mavics with a lot of accessories and batteries.

It’s basically the Mavic zoom without the zoom lens and with not as many sensors.

The 4k camera is extremely good and well stabilized and it comes with a ton of flight modes, auto follow and very fast speed.

You can even mount silent propellers on it to reduce some of the noise. 

Thanks to the portable design, it’s going to be as easy to transport and use it as any on this list.

The remote is top notch and the range makes it a very reliable drone overall for hunting and scouting ahead.

  • Great build
  • Many automatic flight modes including automatic follow
  • front and bottom sensors
  • very fast 65 km/h
  • great camera quality
  • long range
  • the gimbal is a bit more sensitive to shocks

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