Best Drones Under for Kids - my top 5 toy quads in 2019

The best Drones for kids are usually made with speciffic characteristics in mind to make them safer, easier to use and more durable in general.

It doesn't matter if your kid is 7 year old, 10 year old or even a teenager, this list will have something that will definitely catch his/her eye.

I have tested these quads and made sure I would personally recommend them sincerely before I posted them in an article here.

So enjoy! And don't forget to share it with other parents!


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What to look for in a toy drone?

Usually, when it comes to beginner drones in general we're looking for something safe and durable, I would also recommend a smaller size drone just so it can be used inside also.



If you're a beginner trying to learn how to fly, I recommend not using a phone-controlled drone, but one with a proper controller instead.

Battery life

Battery life for cheaper drones for kids isn't that great, as the drones themselves are quite small. Expect somewhere between 5 and 10 min.


Flight range for beginner/kid drones this cheap will most of the time be somewhere between 50m-100m.

Build Quality

Make sure the drone is durable enough to not get destroyed at the first crash.

Recharge time

A drone's recharge time is mainly important when it doesn't have spare batteries.


MY TOP 5 Drones for kids

This table is not necesarily ordered by what's the best one, as I tried to put a variety of different quadcopters that can appeal to a wider audience. Therefore make sure you choose what you like best, as they're all pretty much in the same range of quality.

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Eachine E010 - Safe Beginners drone

Battery Life






Recharge Time


Eachine E010 is what I call the simple yet perfect beginner drone. A quadcopter that can be crashed over and over again and can teach you the basics without you having to cry over it.

Its whole canopy is made to protect the propellers and this means it's super safe to pilot inside too.

I would recommend this for kids and beginner pilots. It doesn't come with a camera, so if you really want one, check the other options bellow.

This is simply a reliable drone with a changeable battery and high durability.

This is what I recommend to anyone wanting to start learning how to fly drones.

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Propel Star Wars Drones

Battery Life






Recharge Time


Initially one of these drones were at a price of $120 so it's quite amazing how low they are now.

To be frank, these are the only drones I consider to be collection items from all my drones. They are so unique, well made and they actually fly pretty good too.

The packaging for these is very impressive. Not so much now after the price reduction ( because they removed the presentation case).

However you're getting:

  • 2 batteries
  • a hobby-grade controller
  • wall charger
  • spare propellers
  • prop guards
  • spare drone parts ( canopy)


I am really impressed by the build quality of these drones compared to what the chinese have been releasing lately.

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Tello - best camera drone for kids/teens

Battery Life








The DJI Ryze Tello is such a great drone because of it's spectacular battery life, capable camera Electronic stabilization and very stable flight.

Why is it a great drone for kids?

Especially for teenagers who want to take some video of themselves and their friends, this allows them to fly a very stable drone thanks to the optical flow sensors underneath.

Also, the Photos it takes are quite incredible, as you can see in my review of the DJI Tello.

Even if it doesn't come with a transmitter, you can buy a bluetooth one and have the time of your life.

It won't come with a huge range, but the quality of the video and the photos will make the best of the money you spent on it. It's probably one of the best drones you can find under $100.

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Holy stone Predator HS170

Battery Life






Recharge Time


The holy Stone HS 170 has been one of the best selling drones on amazon for quite some time now and is basically what you should be looking for if:

  • you want a drone that can fly both indoors and outside
  • something you're not affraid to crash
  • not interested in cameras
  • want to learn flying
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Scoot hands Drone - safest drone for kids

Battery Life






Recharge Time


This is the number 1 most sold drone on Amazon at the current time!

The main reason for this is that it's SUPER easy to fly, extremely safe and very fun to play in a group.

This is why parents usually choose to buy it, because it can actually turn into a team game.

This is a way for kids to socialize while being physically active and safely engaging with technology.


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