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Best Drones under $50 in 2024 (My top 7 cheap quadcopters)

Updated in 2024 by Paul Posea
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If you're trying to dip your toes into the drone world without dropping a few hundred dollars on a drone, I got you covered.

Contrary to what most people think, cheap drones under $50 can be extremely fun to fly, as well as be a great introduction to the drone world, for beginners.

I've tested dozens of them and 7 drones under $50 truly stand out from the rest. We'll be going over what makes them unique and worth every penny in this article.

If you have a slightly higher budget, I recommend you go for my top drones under $100.

My winner:Eachine E010

eachine E010 dron

In a hurry? Just pick my best recommended drone in this price category and you can't really go wrong!

  1. Very durable
  2. Well protected
  3. Safe for kids
  4. Can do flips
  5. Super cheap
drone comparison table and graphic

Top Drones Under $50 (Table Comparison)

This is a quick Ranking of my top picks for the best camera drones I’d recommend for different people with different needs, all considering your budget is under 200 dollars.

This list is in order of what I consider to be better overall AND what value for money that drone has. 

All these quadcopters are super high quality and you can’t really go wrong. It’s up to you to decide!

Drone ModelDesign and BuildFlight PerformanceBattery LifeCamera OptionAdditional FeaturesPrice
Eachine E010
Compact, lightweight
Stable, indoor use
5-8 minutesNo cameraFlips, multiple colors, safe for kids
Check Price
Small, beginner-friendlyStable, indoor use2x 5 minutesNo cameraFoldable design, LED lights, flipsCheck price
Eachine E013
Compact, FPV capableStable, indoor use5 minutesFPV cameraGuarded propellers, no lag cameraCheck price
Eachine e58
Foldable, resembles DJI Mavic ProGood outdoor performance7 minutes720p cameraMultiple batteries available, prop guardsCheck price
Hubsan X4
Small, durableGood for both indoor and outdoor8 minutes720p camera (in some models)Great video quality, very durableCheck price

My video with details about these drones


My final drone ranking (in detail)

This is a more in depth view on each of the drones we looked at before and my personal experience with them. Have a look at all of them, as each is great in it's own way.

Specs alone aren't enough to tell a story, testing a drone and seeing how it actually shoots video is what's more important.

1.Eachine E010 (Best Cheap Beginner Drone)


No Cam


6 min


50 meters



eachine E010 dron 600x475 1

I personally vouch for the Eachine E010 as the ideal beginner's drone. It's not just durable and well-protected; it also performs flips effortlessly.

Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for indoor use. What I truly liked was how stable it was for such a cheap and small drone, all of which was due to its 6-axis gyro.

The headless mode simplifies navigation, and the one-key return function is a practical safety feature. Durable and cost-effective, the Eachine E010 is my top recommendation for anyone looking for the best cheap drone.


  1. super durable
  2. well protected and safe
  3. very cheap
  4. can do flips


  1. Slightly underpowered
  2. feels slow outdoors

Features and Specifications:

Design: This drone is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for indoor flying. It has a durable plastic build and is available in a variety of colors, catering to personal preferences.

Flight Performance: Equipped with a 6-axis gyro, the Eachine E010 ensures stable flights. It has a flight time of 5-8 minutes and a control range of up to 30 meters, striking a balance between duration and distance.

Control and Navigation: The headless mode simplifies navigation, and the one-key return function adds convenience and safety.

Safety: Safety is a key aspect of the Eachine E010, as it includes propeller guards. This feature, along with its overall design, makes it suitable and safe for children.

Battery: It operates on a rechargeable LiPo battery, requiring a charging time of 30-50 minutes, which is quite efficient for its class.

Best Drones under $50 in 2024

2.JJRC H345 (double drone for beginners)


No Cam


2 x 5 min


50 meters




I highly recommend the JJRC H345 for anyone looking for the best budget drones, especially for beginners. 

This package offers two drones instead of one, which is a real lifesaver if you happen to crash one - a common occurrence for new pilots. 

The dual-drone setup effectively doubles your battery life, allowing for extended flying sessions. Both drones are controlled with the same transmitter, making the operation straightforward. 

The standout feature of the JJRC H345 is its affordability, making it an excellent value for those wanting to explore drone flying without a hefty investment.


  1. 2 drones for cheap
  2. foldable design
  3. great LED lights
  4. can do flips


  1. No Prop Guards
  2. No Camera

Features and Specifications

Design and Build:The design is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for new pilots who need an easy-to-handle drone. Its build quality ensures durability while maintaining a beginner-friendly form factor.

Flight Performance:The drone provides stable flight, which is ideal for beginners learning to navigate. This stability ensures a smoother and more controlled flying experience, even for those new to drone piloting.

Control System:A single transmitter efficiently controls both drones, greatly simplifying the user experience. This feature makes it easier to manage multiple drones without the need for additional equipment.

Battery Life:With two drones included, users enjoy extended battery life, allowing for longer flying sessions without frequent recharging. This dual-drone setup is perfect for uninterrupted flying adventures.

Package Inclusion:The package comes with two drones, providing great value and the convenience of having a backup drone. This inclusion enhances the overall worth of the package, making it an attractive option for drone enthusiasts.

3.Eachine E013(best FPV drone under $50)




5 min


50 meters



eachine e013 drone review 1 300x169 1

Who said you'd need something like a DJI Avata to experience first person flying? At a retail price below $50, the EAchine E013 is possibly the best and cheapest way to get into FPV drones in the market right now.

The drone is stable and easy to control, thanks to its built-in gyroscope. It's designed for both beginners and experienced pilots, offering features like headless mode, one-key return, and various flying maneuvers. 


  1. comes with goggles
  2. great quality transmitter
  3. no lag camera
  4. guarded propellers


  1. Inefficient Charger
  2. Non-adjustable Lens

Features and Specifications

Design:The Eachine E013 is compact and robust, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

FPV Capabilities:It features First-Person View (FPV) technology, offering an immersive flying experience.

Camera Quality:Includes a built-in camera for real-time video transmission.

Flight Performance:Stable and responsive, suitable for beginners exploring FPV flying.

Control System:Comes with an easy-to-use controller, enhancing the FPV experience.

Battery Life:Offers a reasonable battery life for its price range, suitable for short FPV sessions.

Affordability: As one of the best FPV drones under $50, it provides excellent value for money.

Package Contents:The drone includes FPV goggles, adding to the immersive experience.

4.Eachine e58 (best camera drone under $50)




7 min


100 meters


Outdoor Drone

eachine e58 drone review

The Eachine E58 RC Pocket Quadcopter Drone impresses as a compact, foldable, and budget-friendly option for drone enthusiasts. 

Mimicking the design of the pricier DJI Mavic Pro, it offers a satisfying blend of style and functionality. Its 2MP camera, capable of 720p HD video, and a range of features like headless mode, one-key takeoff/landing, and a 6-axis gyroscope, make it a stable and user-friendly choice. 

The drone's 7-9 minute flight time and the flexibility to control it via a remote or smartphone app add to its appeal. Ideal for beginners or those seeking an affordable entry into drone flying, the Eachine E58 provides a good balance of price and performance.


  1. manually tiltable camera
  2. foldable design
  3. good controller
  4. multiple batteries available in the package


  1. Prop guards aren't great

Features and Specifications

Design:The Eachine E58 boasts a foldable design, closely resembling the high-end DJI Mavic Pro. I find its compactness ideal for travel and storage

Camera Quality:It features a 720p camera, surprisingly good for a drone in this price range, capturing decent aerial footage.

Flight Performance:The drone flies smoothly, offering stable and responsive control, which I appreciate as a pilot.

Battery Options:For a minimal extra cost, you can get up to 3 batteries, significantly extending flight time and making charging less of a hassle.

Value for Money:Given its features and performance, the Eachine E58 stands out as one of the best camera drones under $50, offering great value.

5. Hubsan X4 (great camera for $50)




8 min


100 meters


Outdoor Drone

71aI28 DiTL. AC SL1500

The Hubsan X4 is in fact an entire series of small beginner drones, some with camera and others without one.

Although quite old on the market, these are extremely well-made drones and quite durable too.

If you're looking for a camera drone under $50, I think the Hubsan X4 with a camera is what you're looking for.


  1. great video
  2. very durable
  3. good for indoors and outdoors


  1. Flips when flown aggressively in expert mode

Features and Specifications

Series Variety:The Hubsan X4 series presents a versatile range, including models both with and without cameras, to suit various user preferences and needs.

Build Quality:Renowned for its durability, the Hubsan X4 maintains a strong presence in the market with its robust and high-quality construction.

Camera Option:Ideal for those on a budget, the Hubsan X4's camera-equipped model stands out as a top pick for an affordable camera drone under $50.

Overall Value:Offering exceptional value, the Hubsan X4 combines quality craftsmanship and camera functionality, making it a smart choice in the budget drone category.

Why do cheap drones have short battery life?

Drones this cheap have a short battery life because batteries are expensive and heavy.

You won't find a big drone for under $50 so it makes sense that such a small battery won't be able to keep the rotation of the propellers for too long.

Even though the drones are weighing less, the props must spin at about the same rate, so size isn't directly proportional to battery life, but rather it decreases more, the smaller the drone is.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Drone Under $50

Each drone has its unique strengths, and the right choice depends on your specific needs and expectations.when looking for the best drones under $50, it's important to consider the purpose, flight time, camera quality, price, durability, and control options

Purpose and Features:

When choosing a drone under $50, it's crucial to consider its purpose. Whether it's for photography, racing, or just recreational flying, each drone offers different features. For instance, the Eachine E010 is great for beginners due to its durability and ease of use, while the Eachine E58 offers a camera if you are interested in aerial photography.

Flight Time and Battery Life:

Battery life is a key factor. Most drones in this price range offer a flight time between 5 to 8 minutes. However, options like the JJRC H345 provide extended battery life by including two drones in one package.

Camera Quality:

If you're looking for a camera drone, the Eachine E58, with its 720p camera, stands out. It's important to manage expectations regarding camera quality in this budget range, but some models like the Hubsan X4 also offer decent video capabilities for their price.

Price Comparison:

Comparing prices is essential to ensure you're getting the best value for your money. Drones like the Eachine E013 offer great features like FPV capabilities at a competitive price, making them a top choice for budget-conscious consumers.


Durability is crucial, especially for beginners. Models like the Eachine E010 and Hubsan X4 are known for their sturdy build, which is important as beginners are more likely to crash their drones.

Control Options:

Ease of control is another important aspect. Drones like the Eachine E58 and Hubsan X4 are praised for their user-friendly controls, making them suitable for beginners. Some drones also offer features like headless mode and one-key return, which can be very helpful.

Drone Range Considerations:

Range is a vital factor in selecting a drone under $50. Typically, these drones offer a range of 30 to 50 meters, suitable for basic flying and beginner practice. It's important to remember that range can be affected by external factors like WiFi interference.


After testing all these drones I am convinced that you really don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good drone. The Eachine E010 and JJRC H345 are great for beginners and they're really affordable. If you're into taking pictures from the sky, the Eachine E58 is a cool choice without spending too much. 

Going through these drones showed me that you can find something fun and useful, no matter your budget. So, if you're new to drones or just want to try one out, these cheaper options are definitely worth a look. They show that having fun with drones is possible without spending a ton of cash.


How much does the cheapest drone cost?

The cheapest drones can start as low as $20.

Are cheap drones worth buying?

Yes, cheap drones are worth buying for beginners or casual use.

How high can a cheap drone fly?

Cheap drones typically fly up to 50 meters high.

Do drones under $50 come with a warranty?

Some drones under $50 do come with a limited warranty.

Can I find a drone with a camera for under $50?

Yes, there are drones under $50 with basic camera features.

How long is the battery life of drones under $50?

Battery life is usually 5-10 minutes for drones under $50.

What are the best drones under $50 for beginners?

The Eachine E010 and JJRC H345 are great for beginners.

How do drones under $50 perform in windy conditions?

Drones under $50 may struggle in strong winds due to their lightweight.

Can I upgrade components of these drones, like batteries or cameras?

Upgrading components is limited in drones under $50.

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