Best Drones under $50 in 2020 (and what to avoid)


The best drones under $50 is a category where there's A LOT of abundance, especially coming from Chinese companies.

This means it's even harder to choose. 

But since I tested probably over a hounded of these and even reviewed some on my youtube channel, I'll try to help you make a decision instead of letting you waste your time researching.

If you have a slightly higher budget, I recommend you go for my top drones under $100.

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What to look for in a drone under $50?

Drones under $50 usually are suitable mainly for beginners or kids (check out my best drones for kids).

This means you should go for a cheap but durable drone that can handle flying mainly indoors and has prop guards.

Bellow are a few of the main characteristics you should look for in a cheap drone.

Battery life icon

Battery life

You want your drone to fly at least 5 minutes in most cases and preferably the battery should be replaceable.

Drone Range

Drone Range

The distance for how far a drone flies will make the difference between indoors only drones and those you can fly outside.

Drone durability - The most important feature

On this list I only chose the most durable and high quality drones I experienced flying myself, as you'll definitely smash into walls as a beginner.

Having prop guards is mandatory, especially for larger drones. If your drone is smaller, you can go past that, but it would still be helpful if you don't want to destroy tons of propellers.

What are the Best drones in this price range?

This is a quick Ranking of my top picks for the best camera drones I’d recommend for different people with different needs, all considering your budget is under 200 dollars.

I have a more detailed review of each one bellow the article. Use the quick navigation above to get there.

This list is in order of what I consider to be better overall AND what value for money that drone has. 

All these quadcopters are super high quality and you can’t really go wrong. It’s up to you to decide!

eachine-e010-thumb1.Eachine E010none50m6minCheck Price
2.JJRC H345none50m10minCheck Price
3.Eachine E013FPV50m5minCheck Price
4.Eachine E58720p100m7minCheck Price
5.Hubsan X4720p100m8minCheck Price
6.Holy Stone Predatorno cam50m7minCheck Price
7.Propel Star Wars Dronesno cam50m8minCheck Price

My top pick

Eachine E010

  • Great for beginners
  • Well protected props
  • cheap as hell
  • can do flips
  • very durable
eachine E010 drone

7.Propel Star Wars Drones (great quality drones)

No cam

8 min battery




Initially one of these drones were at a price of $120 so it's quite amazing how low they are now.


To be frank, these are the only drones I consider to be collection items from all my drones. They are so unique, well made and they actually fly pretty good too.


The packaging for these is very impressive. Not so much now after the price reduction ( because they removed the presentation case).

However you're getting:

  • 2 batteries
  • a hobby-grade controller
  • wall charger
  • spare propellers
  • prop guards
  • spare drone parts ( canopy)


  • High quality Build
  • Great packaging
  • complete accessories
  • 2 batteries
  • good qualiy transmitter


  • battery is hard to insert


No camera

7 min battery



The holy Stone HS 170 has been one of the best selling drones on amazon for quite some time now and is basically what you should be looking for if:

  • you want a drone that can fly both indoors and outside
  • something you're not affraid to crash
  • not interested in cameras
  • want to learn flying


  • Durable frame
  • steady flight
  • 3 speed modes
  • can do flips
  • good for outdoors too


  • doesn't have a camera

5.Hubsan X4 ( great camera for under $50)






The Hubsan X4 is in fact an entire series of small beginner drones, some with camera and others without one.

Although quite old on the market, these are extremely well made drones and quite durable too.

If you're looking for a camera drone under $50, I think the Hubsan X4 with a camera is what you're looking for.


  • great video
  • very durable
  • good for indoors and outdoors


  • Not that new

4.Eachine E58 ( great camera drone udner $50)






This drone makes it on my list not because it's one of the most popular quadcopters in 2020, but because it actually has what it takes.

It even comes with a 720p camera!

It's foldable and looks a lot like the very expensive DJI Mavic Pro.

It flies pretty well and the footage is not half bad, at least for a toy drone.

For a very small aditional price you can get up to 3 batteries, so the charging time will get irrelevant at some point.


  • manually tiltable camera
  • foldable design
  • good controller
  • multiple batteries available in the package


  • prop guards aren't that great

3.Eachine E 013 (best FPV drone under $50)





The Eachine E 013 is a really cheap drone for the package it comes in.

You get a pair of 5.8 ghz FPV goggles, the controller and the drone.

It's a great way to experience lag free First person View flying with goggles.

It's a perfect indoors drone, although I wouldn't recommend it for total beginners though.


  • comes with goggles
  • great quality transmitter
  • No lag camera
  • guarded propellers


  • low battery life

2.JJRC H345 (double drone for beginners)

no cam




The perfect package for people who want to have 2 drones instead of one, in case you crash (you certainly will).

Having two drones also helps by doubling the battery life. They are controlled with the same transmitter though.

The main advantage of these drones is that the package is super cheap.


  • 2 drones for cheap
  • foldable design
  • great LED lights
  • can do flips


  • no prop guards

1.Eachine E010 (perfect beginner drone)

no cam




eachine E010 drone

My top drone for beginners, simply because it works, it's resilient, well protected and can do flips.

What more can you want?

It comes in multiple colors and it's super safe to let even kids play with it.


  • super durable
  • well protected and safe
  • very cheap
  • can do flips


  • none really, at this price