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7 Best hexacopters (Hexacopters vs Quadcopters)

ULTIMATE Guide for 2021

When looking for the best hexacopter you’ll want to make sure that you know the advantages compared to a quadcopter and also make sure you choose the perfect one for your needs.

This article will help you do just that and I’ll also present a helpful table to compare all these hexacopters.

What is a hexacopter?

A hexacopter is a remote-controlled aircraft that uses six propellers and six motors to propel itself in the air and is known as one of the multiple types of drones.

What is a hexacopter mainly used for?

Hexacopters are usually best for heavy lifting work and most frequently for high level cinematography and carrying larger cameras for films. But hexacopters come in all sizes and shapes, as we’ll see in this list.

Hexacopter vs Quadcopter - Pros and cons

Hexacopters differ from quadcopters in more than one way, which we’ll cover right now:

  • Flight time
    • Hexacopters don’t offer any benefit in terms of battery life consumption, but contrary to that, they usually fly for less time, because they have more arms and typically larger weight. The difference isn’t extreme though.
  • Weight capacity
    • Hexacopters can carry a lot more weight compared to quadcopters and you’ll find that they are more frequently used in processes that require heavy lifting, like agriculture, professional cinematography and the likes.
  • Is a Hexacopter more stable than a Quadcopter?
    • Yes, hexacopters tend to be more stable compared to quadcopters, because in flight they do a more gradual motor adjustment when changing directions, since the motors are spread in a more circular pattern compared to the squared pattern of a quadcopter.
  • Does a hexacopter cost more than a quadcopter?
    • Usually yes, hexacopters cost more than an equivalent quadcopter mainly because they use additional motors, require stronger ESCs and have two additional arms. Hexacopters are also mainly used for industrial purposes, which means most of them are expensive machines.
  • Motor redundancy
    • Hexacopters usually have motor redundancy, which means that in case one motor fails, the aircraft is still able to maintain elevation and land safely, so it’s safer to carry an expensive load with them. Quadcopters on the other hand will certainly crash if one of the motors fails.
  • Size difference
    • Hexacopters tend to be larger and way less compact compared to equivalent quadcopters that are easier to build in a foldable design.

5 Best Hexacopters by type


In this section I’ll present the absolute best hexacopters in their respective category (so you have an easier choice) and talk a bit about them and when you should buy each one.

1.Best Professional Camera Hexacopter (DJI Matrice 600 Pro)

38 min
5 km
6 kg payload
  • Weight: 9.5kg (21.2 pounds)

  • 1668 x 1518 x 727 mm

  • Flight Time: 38 minutes

  • Weight 9.5kg

  • 5km range

  • 6kg payload

  • Max speed 65mph

  • Max altitude 2500m(8202 feet)

If you’re looking for a professional cinematography hexacopter that is fairly priced, the DJI Matrice 600 PRO is what I recommend most.

DJI has some of the most advanced technology in the world of quadcopters, but also hexacopters, and the Matrice 600 PRO is one of their greatest machines yet.

It is a redesign from the original matrice 100 and an upgrade from the Matrice 600, by adding the PRO to the name, and not for nothing.

It comes with some really solid specs, one of which is the outstanding 38 minute flight time, considering it can also carry 6 kg of weight (13.2lbs) it can handle most camera rigs out there (including gimbals).

It is made for aerial photography and videography, but can also be used to carry things in industrial applications.

The Matrice 600 Pro can operate between -10° to 40° C which is very good considering most drones can’t fly below freezing point.

However, one of the features it’s mostly used for is its amazing speed of  65 mph (104kph) which means it has an easy time tracking cars or any fast-moving objects.

2. Best Hexacopter Kits


F550 hexacopter kit

Check the Price and Specs

This cheaper hexacopter kit comes with all the parts you need for building it, but you might require a few tools like a soldering iron to complete the assembly.

It even comes with a battery, a battery charger, all the motors, and a transmitter. It’s not an easy job building it, but here’s a youtube video that will help with that a lot.

The hexacopter comes included with a GPS module so you’ll be able to set it up to return to home automatically as well as a stable hover. 

Now don’t expect this drone to fly or carry as much as the industrial level ones, but it’s certainly a lot of fun building it and learning about drone technology in general.

qwin hexacopter kit

QWinOut Carbon Fiber hexacopter drone kit

Check the Price and Specs

If you want to build your own hexacopter easily but want something more serious that can lift a heavier gimbal with a camera, this might be the easiest way to go about it.

The QWinOut hexacopter Tarot 680 PRO comes with a foldable carbon frame design, GPS, transmitter, and pretty much all that’s required for the drone to work (besides the camera).

Now don’t get me wrong, this is still an entry-level hexacopter, as the parts aren’t of the best quality by far, but it’s a nice project and a pretty solid frame that you can upgrade later on if you want.

It comes with a lipo battery, but you should buy additional ones if you want to fly enough and test it properly and make sure to get some of my tools for building a drone.

3.Best Consumer Hexacopter - Yuneec Typhoon H

4k cam
20 min
2 km
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • 360 degree rotating camera
  • camera can be used as a manual gimbal
  • good flight stability
  • Low battery life

While not cheap by any means, the Yuneec Typhoon H is one of the most affordable “Serious” consumer hexacopters that comes with some more advanced technology and is made by a reliable company.

It has the advantage of being foldable and it also comes with a camera that can rotate 360 degrees at any time, since the landing gear folds up.

The camera itself is modular and can be brought down from the hexacopter to use as a handheld gimbal.

This hexacopter has two main downsides, the range being quite short ( around 1-2 miles) and the battery life lasting somewhere under 20 minutes, which is quite limited compared to nowadays drones. But of course, it comes with motor redundancy and the power of a hexacopter.

4.Mini Hexacopter Toy Drone

No cam
7 min
50 m
  • Indoor use
  • Propeller guards
  • Can do flips
  • Very Cheap
  • Great for learning how to fly
  • Battery life (yet it's normal for this size)

If what you’re looking for is just a hexacopter drone to play with around the house, there’s also an option for that too.

The JJRC H20H is a tiny indoor drone mainly with 6 propellers and brushed motors that can do flips, fly for about 7 minutes and is a ton of fun!

It doesn’t really benefit a lot from the advantages of hexacopters, as it doesn’t have motor redundancy, but it certainly does feel a bit different in flight compared to a similarly small quadcopter.

5. DJI Agras T16 ( Best agricultural hexacopter)

FPV cam
18 min
5 km
16 liters
  • Large spraying area
  • Very stable GPS module (RTK)
  • Many AG speciffic flight modes
  • Waypoint flight
  • Great build quality
  • Complex to use

If you’re looking for an agricultural hexacopter, the DJI Agras T16 has perfected this task to the smallest detail.

It can carry up to 16 liters of fluid for crop spraying and is one of the most efficient agricultural drones on the market that can cover up to 10 hectares per hour.

It is water-resistant (IP 67), dust, and corrosion-proof so you know it’s with the investment and it won’t degrade easily in time.

While the battery life might not look impressive, it is quite amazing considering that’s how much it can fly with a full tank.

It also uses an RTK module for extra precision with GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo, which means it is connected to every satellite system possible.

This ag drone is also foldable which means it's easier to carry than it may look and can be folded to 25% of its original structural size.

6. Hexacopter for gopro - Walkera Tali

  • Retractable legs
  • Can fit any action camera
  • Powerful Brushless motors
  • 3 axis gimbal
  • 5 inch screen on transmitter
  • Included Action camera
  • Changing cameras can be quite troublesome

I wrote an article on the best drones for Gopro cameras but the fact is, there are very few of them, and from all I could find, the only one that’s a GoPro Hexacopter is the Walkera Tali.

It’s not as large as some on this list, but it can certainly easily carry a go pro and it also has a gimbal for it and a remote with an FPV screen.

You can pretty much add any action camera you want on it and it has foldable legs, so they can retract while in the air and they won’t appear in the frame.

7. Best FPV Hexacopter drone (Flywoo HEXplorer 4s)

20 min
3 axis gimbal
  • Lightewight carbon fiber frame
  • Some redundancy with 6 motors instead of 4
  • More powerful compared to an FPV quad
  • Can carry a full Gopro (not naked)
  • More motors to change in case of failure

You don’t frequently see an FPV drone with 6 motors, but you have to admit they look pretty awesome.

But what’s the point of an FPV drone being a hexacopter?

Well, for one, it can carry more weight compared to the 4 motor equivalent, which means you can even carry a larger gopro with a 4 inch hexacopter like this one.


What’s more, this hexacopter fpv drone has one of the first 6 in 1 esc boards we’ve ever seen in such a small package.


It can handle a 4s battery and is quite small for the power it produces with all 6 motors. While not necessarily made for acrobatics with a large gopro on top, it can certainly do flips and cruising is a breeze with this one.

Frequently asked questions

Let's see a few more details you should know about foldable drones before you head out and buy one.

How does a hexacopter work then?

A hexacopter works by propelling itself with the power of 6 motors (usually brushless) and gaining lift from that force. For a hexacopter to move in any direction, the motors need to spin at different rates, so the drone can tilt in that direction and propel itself.

Hexacopter vs Octocopter

I’ve written an article on the best octocopters, and to be frank, they are very closely related. Octocopters have 8 motors instead of 6 and that pretty much further improve on the hexacopter benefits while also drawing more of their downsides.

Octocopters are larger, heavier, yet can usually lift more weight. The industry has settled on hexacopters as being the best compromise, because they come with redundancy, good lifting capacity and aren’t as heavy or expensive as the octocopters.

In my opinion, hexacopters are the best balance, and octocopters should be used for extreme cases.

How big can a hexacopter payload be?

Some of the heavy lifting hexacopters out there can lift up to 16 kg of weight, but if you want to focus on the heaviest lifting drones out there I suggest you check out my article.

Where to buy a hexacopter?

Some of the best places to buy hexacopters from are Amazon and Banggood.

I prefer Amazon for most buys, because the shipping is faster, but Bangood is a chinese site from where most people buy their FPV drones, so if you want to build your own with parts, it might be the best choice.

Of course, the DJI official website is probably best for acquiring DJI related products.

Who are hexacopters for?

Since hexacopters can sometimes simply be an expression of style, not necessarily function, it can be a matter of taste, but overall, if you decide to buy a hexacopter, then the main reason is that it can carry more weight and the motor redundancy.

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