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Bugs 3 Pro review(2023 complete update)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
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battery incon 3

15 min Battery


600m Range

camera icon 150

gopro camera

motors brushless or brushed

Brushless Motors

Bugs 3 vs Bugs 3 Pro, which one would be the best? Well, first we have to know what the new Bugs 3 pro is all about and that's why this review is supposed to do.

While in 2023 this drone may seem a bit irrelevant, it can still make for one of the cheapest and most solid GoPro drones you can buy, as long as you can find it online.

To spike your interest, this is a very good GPS drone for people who already have an action camera or simply for anyone interested to get it with the included Full HD cam.

Price and Specs

Most drones from MJX that are in the Bugs series (there's quite a few at the moment) tend to have both long battery life and quite powerful brushless motors.

This is no exception, as the battery can last for up to 15 minutes ( expect about 13 in real life).

But this time around, it also comes with a very cool GPS module that does a much better job than the one on the Bugs 2( that did the toilet bowl movement).

What's in the package?

The drone comes with all that you need to start flying, but the package varies depending on what you choose to buy.

There's a few versions you can choose from:

  •  No camera (one or two batteries) - get this if you have an action cam or plan to get one
  • 720p cam (one or two batteries) - this is the most budget version, I don't recommend.
  • 1080p cam (one or two batteries)

In the standard package we have the following:

As you can see, the package has all you need, just like the usual one and also comes with the useful manual and controller scheme. If you want the package with the MJX camera and pay extra, the camera will come in a separate box.

Bugs 3 vs Bugs 3 pro

bugs 3 pro vs bugs 3 dronesgator comparison table

Who should buy this drone?

bugs 3 pro picture

Considering the price of this quadcopter, it's quite a steal, especially if you already have the camera.

If you get the included camera, then you'll pay about $50 more, but you'll be able to use the live app Bugs Go and the Follow me and waypoints functions.

So I'd recommend the bugs 3 for people who have had at least a one time experience with other drones flying (not complete beginners).

Even though it has GPS and it can return to home automatically, the motors are pretty powerful.

If you have any action camera that is the size of a go pro hero 3 or 4, you're good to go. If you want the version with the included camera I recommend buying the 1080p version.

But if you're not going to use it with an action camera ever, just with the included c6000 cam, then I'd rather recommend you the Bugs 5w, which in my oppinion has a better and more stable image at an even lower price.


The transmitters of all the Bugs drones in general have a very similar look, and they also come with a simple quickstart guide that have the controls mapped in an easy to understand fashion.

The range is pretty big, and the bottom screen shows very important telemetry information like range, height, signal and battery life.

 So even if you lose visuals, you'll be able to press the return to home button and see how the distance from you is decreasing, meaning the drone is coming back. Trust me, it's very reasuring.

bugs 3 pro controller and quickstart manual

The Bugs Go app can be downloaded for free, both on android and on Iphone and works with every bugs drone so far. You need a 5G wifi capable smartphone to connect to the wifi and then you'll be able to see the live image in the app.

bugs go app


The camera subject is pretty sensitive for this drone, as there are 2 options you can choose from:

  • get the drone with no camera and put your own
    • you can put either a go pro 3 or 4 or any action cam that size (most are that size)
    • you can also use the live stream app of your action cam to monitor what the drone sees.
  • get the drone with a camera included
    • 720p c5000 camera (not recommended)
    • 1080p c6000 camera, better pictures and videos, but still inferior to a good action cam)
bugs 3 pro c6000

Using a separate action cam

  • you can use it for other stuff too
  • The quality is much better
  • If you get a good one it might also have image stabilization
  • It's going to be cheaper if you already have the camera. Ofc.
  • The follow me, waypoints won't work
  • Live feed range smaller ( max 50 m), or at all, if it doesn't have wifi

Buying the included camera

  • You can use the app with follow me, waypoints.
  • It's a pretty cheap camera
  • Might not work if your phone doesn't work with 5G
  • quality is poorer
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