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Best Drones for Kids in 2019 – cheap and safe toy quadcopters

Best Drones Under for Kids - my top 5 toy quads in 2019 The best Drones for kids are usually made with speciffic characteristics in mind to make them safer, easier to use and more durable in general. It doesn't matter if your...
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Best Drones under $300 -My top 5 quadcopters in 2019

Top 3 Best Drones under $300 in 2020 (My winner at the end) The “drones under $300” price category was quite empty for a long time now, as there really weren't any good ones I could recommend. Things have changed. And my number...
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Mini Drones: Ultimate guide to picking the best Micro Quadcopter

Mini Drones: Ultimate guide to micro Quadcopters for beginners You're looking for some really portable and tiny drone either to get it at a better price, fly it inside or just to carry it around easier.On this list I'll put a few of...
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Top online Drone Training courses

Top online Drone Training courses There's much to be said when it comes to how capable you need to be when using a heavy drone regularly. The FAA and other organisations around the world have made rules to prevent bad things from happening.However,...
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Drones with return to home feature(RTH) – My top 5 GPS autopilot drones

Top Drones with return to home feature (RTH) You are looking for drones that can return home automatically because  you know how much of an advantage that can be. Most expensive GPS drones do have this feature, but which are the best ones?...
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The history of Commercial Drones Infographic – First Quadcopter to DJI Drones

This time around we're going to take a look at how commercial drones, the friendly ones have evolved in time. There's tons of infographics on the subject of military drones, but nobody seems to care about the quadcopters that everyone can use in...
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