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Top 7 Best RC Cars under $200 – relevant in 2018

Best RC Cars under $200 - My top 7 There are many types of RC Cars out there, and at varying prices. This makes people confused when trying to get one.Especially those who don't really make the difference between a toy and a...
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Best RC Sailboat 2018 – top 4 remote contolled sailboats for sale

We're talking RC Sailboats in 2018 and they are definitely not a boring hobby at all! You may be looking for the best of what this year has to offer. Some of the ones I'll be presenting are from 2017, but still make...
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DJI Media Maker – How to create drone panoramas and time lapses from your computer

DJI Media maker was originally intended to use only with the DJI Osmo, but it can be successfully used with other DJI products, especially with Spark.With the release of the new DJI Spark, a few interesting flying modes have also been released to...
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DJI Care Refresh – Is it worth to get? Top 9 reasons why

Drone insurance is something not many people think of because they believe it's expensive. But with DJI introducing the new DJI Care Refresh plans for drones like Mavic, Spark, Inspire and the new Phantom 4 series there's no reason to fear anymore. In my experience you'll be...
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Best DJI Phantom3 alternatives carefully compared

You're searching for a Phantom 3 alternative, a staple by which drones were compared for a long time now. Even with the release of the new Phantom 4 series and DJI Mavic Air and Pro, the Phantom 3 is still an amazing quadcopter.DJI...
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Best cheap Brushless Drones in 2019 (RTF)

Best cheap brushless drones in 2019 Updated: jan 2019 So you're looking for a brushless drone... and a cheap one at that... If you're reading this article you probably have at least a vague idea about the difference between brushed and brushless motors....
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