Cheerson Cx-10WD drone review

Cheerson CX-10WD - micro drone review

Battery Life

5 min







Relevant as a good beginner drone even in 2019, this tiny camera drone from cheerson is quite unique still.

It’s obviously surprising that you can find it stacked directly in the controller itself.

Cheerson CX-10 WD is a drone suited for beginners that want a mini drone and somehow also have the guts to ask for a tiny camera.

And surprisingly enough, this drone delivers, for quite a low price.


What to look for in a toy camera drone

Flight time can be especially important when it comes to kids toys, as it’s going to be annoying for the little one to only have a short taste of how it’s like, insead of properly playing for at least a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the smaller the drone, the shorter the flight time, so it’s no suprise you can barely get 5 minute of flight time with the Cheerson.

Charging time is important mainly when there isn’t the option to buy spare batteries.

The total charging time is under 30 minute, fortunately.

Drone safety is one of the things every parent should take a look at, for obvious reasons. Usually Prop guards and smaller drones are recommended for kids.

This drone has no protection, however it’s so small it’s basically harmless.

Ease of use is quite important when it comes to letting a kid fly a drone. So make sure the controls are simple to understand.

The controller is the main point I like this drone for. It has a very nice feel in the hands and doubles as a carrying case.

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Cheerson CX-10WD Price and specs

The price point of this drone is still pretty low considering simply adding a camera to any drone usually doubles the price.

You can get it on amazon or chinese websites like BangGood and it will arrive safely at your doorstep.

It does come in the package with spare propellers, the charger and manual. Basically everything you need. Unfortunately, you can’t change the battery, so there’s no spare ones.


Camera Options
With Camera
Camera Resolution: 720p
Phone Controlled
Motor Type: Brushed
Optical Flow Stabilization
Battery Life: 5
Flight Range: 50
Micro SD Card
Under 250g
Drone Types

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FPV and App

For a toy level drone, don’t expect much from this quadcopter, but thaks to the optical stabilization, I must admit the video turns out pretty smooth.

The camera isn’t trully 720p, but rather 480p, however the frame rate is quite good and the image is not half bad for that size.

The original body is very small and is very similar to the Cheerson CX10 but with a bigger belly underneath that can support the guts of the camera and the bigger battery.

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Cheerson CX 10wd

$39.99 $199.99 Buy It Now

The controller is the main eye-catcher for this drone and not only that. Compared to the original transmitter for the Cheerson CX10, this one is considerably bigger and much easier to hold in hands.

Not only that, it also has a phone holder for FPV flight and the arms slide laterally for a better grip.

I really love how this transmitter feels in hand and it’s even better because it also holds the drone inside.

Kinda wish it would charge the drone or something, hah.

You can also do flips with this quad, which can look pretty amazing for people who don’t know what you just did.


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8.5 Total Score
An outstanding indoors drone with an original package

The transmitter is quite eye-catching for this drone. Besides that, the simple fact that it comes with a camera at such a small size it's quite impressive.

Video Quality
Flight stability
Photo Quality
  • Great transmitter
  • perfect for indoors flight
  • very stable
  • can do flips
  • can't change batteries

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