Cheerson cx Stars drone review (still good in 2020?)

Battery Life

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Quite some time has passed since I made my Cheerson cx 10 review, and at the time, that was the smallest drone in the world.

Now let me blow your mind with the current “smallest drone in the world” in this Cheerson Cx Stars review.

The image above is not photoshopped, that is actually my finger and the quadcopter itself is very god damn small.

It's so small that everyone asks me if it can actually fly.

And I don't say anything to them, as I prefer to show it directly.

If you're a non-believer in the arts of magic, then watch my review below and get amazed.

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Price and Drone Specs

Not only it can fly like a champion, but it also has the 6 axys gyro like most bigger drones these days and can even do flips and barell rolls.

Most people should be convinced by now to buy it, especially since it's pretty cheap.

But I know some of you require more than that and I'm going to prove you it's worth it.

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What I mean by unique is the kind of ” THE DRONE FITS INSIDE THE CONTROLLER” unique.

This is like the best way to prove someone this is the smallest drone in the world.

First you show how small the transmitter is and then you just fit the drone inside of it like a penny.

As small as it is, the controller fits perfectly in your hands and doesn't feel like a toy, but actually pretty solid.


While on the left side of the controller you can find a fake button that can't be pressed at all, the others work just as intended.

And the build quality is very good, as we've been used to from Cheerson.

On the right side you can find the trimming buttons that pretty much allow you to adjust the direction the quadcopter has a tendency of flying towards.

This means a more stable flight, and the possibility to adjust the quadcopter against wind.

What you have to do is pretty much press the button opposite to the direction the drone tends to fly at and everything should get more stable.

On top of the remote there's a notification LED that displays the state of the remote and the connection with the quadcopter.

Underneath that, there's the on/off button that you should press only after you've turned on the drone.

The only things remaining are the two control sticks. There's only one mode working for this quadcopter, and that is throttle and yaw on the left stick and pitch and roll on the right one.


How well does it fly?

By pressing down on the left stick you can change the flying modes.

Each time you press, you'll hear between one and three beeps, each representing the mode you're in.

  • That is one beep for beginner mode
  • two beeps for intermediate
  • and three for sport mode.

The sport mode also doubles as Headless mode, a feature that is not even advertised and I had no idea about it until quite a few flights with it.

Headless/sport mode is perfect for outside when you might lose the quadcopter orientation because of distance.

Keep in mind that the higher mode you're in, the faster the battery will discharge.

I personally prefer to fly inside the house in the intermediate mode and change to sport mode when outside to better face the strong winds.

By pressing the right stick you can do flips and barell rolls.


I know, I didn't believe a drone this small can do tricks, but lo and behold. This is the perfect tool to impress your friends and trick your dog.

All you have to do is press down on the right stick once and then move the same stick in the direction you want it to flip and it does it automatically.

It has a 6 axys gyro afterall.

Forgot to mention, but you need to use 2 triple A batteries for the remote. Don't expect too much range from it, but I went safely beyond 20 m with it.


The 80 mAh battery is charged pretty quickly, in about 10 to 15 minutes and it lasts for somewhere between 4 and 6 minutes, depending on how you fly it.


Design and durability

In terms of durability, I tend to test drones by smashing them against objects while in flight, I'm a savage, I know.

But the CX Stars drone handled everything I threw at it!

And even if you break a prop you always can change them with one of the spares.

I really like the design of the drone, it reminds me of a Cheerson Cx 10 drone I had a while ago.


The battery cannot be removed and it's charged through a tiny circuit board extension which makes it very easy to plug in compared to other drones in my experience. It also has an on of switch on the side and that's about it.

Overall, this little drone is a very cool gadget you should get and frankly there's really no downsides to it from what I have noticed.

If you want to have a ton of fun and impress your friends with the tiniest drone in the world, then don't hesitate to get it for yourself.

It's very cheap!


Cheerson CX Stars

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