It's 2018 and it seems that more and more people are buying drones for their kids for Christmas. You know what that means!
Paul Archer
Chief Gator

Naughty and curious kids always destroy their Christmas Toys in a matter of days.

It’s pretty much a general rule of thumb when it comes to experimenting with fragile new things that can be thrown or chewed. 

This year, millions of drone have been bought just to satisfy some kids or husband wish to fly. Most thought it would be easy and that they have the upper hand… but failed miserably.

Charshes on youtube

TIP: Watch a video or two online that teach you how to fly drones and then check the manual carefully.Flying drones is hard, don’t think you’ll handle just because you’ve flown an RC car last Christmas without crashing too bad.

Here’s a few of those fails from only this Christmas.

Seems like Jeff got a cool new Quadcopter this year. He’s showing off in front of his wife and doesn’t have a care in the world, his skills are impressive and he’s flying smooth. 

That until he goes out of the control area for the drone and he loses it. His wife’s reaction is really understanding but you can tell by his voice that he’s really disappointed.

Let’s blow $1,000 in under a minute

This guy just had some bad luck… or didn’t prepare properly( propellers pun).I would never fly my expensive new drone over a lake but you have to admit the splash at the end was really something

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When did this huge tree grow in the way of my new drone? Jeez

A fabulous example of man vs machine vs nature. Spoiler: Nature wins

Dog vs Drone

I don’t know what those people thought when doing that but they deserve it. I hope that dog likes plastic for food.

Lucky save by the net but he still got wet

Well, at least the drone is safe and sound… and this winter was pretty hot, so a bath was well received this time.