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16 countries where Drones are Banned (updated for 2023)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
countries where drones are banned

According to the World Economic Forum, drones have been touted as a technology that will feature prominently in the fourth industrial revolution. Apart from the military aspect of the technology, they are being used by recreationists and commercial businesses. Thus far, the opportunities we know are but a drip in the ocean. 

The transformational impact of drones is being felt across industries such as agriculture, delivery, conservation, logistics, photography, surveying, real estate, law enforcement, and much more. Despite most countries in the world adopting drone use, and regulating it, some have decided not to use it altogether. 

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Why ban drones?

In my opinion, the leading reason for drone bans is related to security. Most countries that are at war or face widespread instability do not allow their use. Alternatively, a fragile security situation means government institutions do not have the capacity or transparency to monitor the use of drones adequately. In other countries, they do not have the right legislation so they ban it altogether.

There are special situations where the regulations set are so stringent so as to discourage the adoption of drones altogether. 

Here are the top 16 countries where drones are banned altogether. I  have also listed their contact so you can inquire to see if the situation has changed.


Barbados Civil Aviation Department, BCAD

Contact: civilav@caribsurf.com   

Phone +1 246 535-0001


Directorate of Civil Aviation and Meteorology of Algeria, DACM

Contact: dg@egsa-alger.dz   

Phone +213 2 74 06 99

3.Cote d’Ivoire

National Authority of Civil Aviation, ANAC

Contact: anacsvat@anac.ci   

Phone +225 21 58 69 00


Senegal National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC)

Contact: anacim@anacim.sn   

Phone +221 33 865 60 00


Syrian Civil Aviation Authority, SCAA

Contact :  

Phone: 963 11 333381


Iraq Civil Aviation Authority, ICAA

Contact: dg@iraqcaa.com   

Phone +964 1 813 3370

Here's my more detailed cover on the drone laws in Iraq.


Civil Aviation Organization of Iran, CAOI

Contact: info@cao.ir  

Phone +98 21 603 6341


The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, KCAA

Contact: dca@insightkenya.com   

Phone: +254 20 824 4722


The Kuwaiti Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA

Contact: dg@dgca.gov.kw 


Civil Aviation Authority of Kyrgyzstan, CAA

Contact: mail@caa.kg   

Phone +996 312251619


Morocco Directorate of Civil Aviation, DCA

Phone +212 3 773 242


Civilian Aviation Directorate of Madagascar, CAD

Contact: acm@acm.mg   

Phone +261 20 222 2438


Nicaraguan Institute of Civil Aeronautics, INAC

Contact : divulgacion@inac.gob.ni   

Phone +505 2276 8580


Uzbekistan Civil Aviation Administration, UZCAA

Contact: uab@uzcaa.uz  

Phone +998 71 133 2313


Civil Aviation Institute of Cuba, IACC

Contact: webmaster@iacc.gov.cu 

 Phone: +53 537 834-4949


Brunei Department Of Civil Aviation, DCA

Contact: info.dca@civil-aviation.gov.bn 

Phone: +673 7292187

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