DJI Mavic 2 – Leaked photos! How will the new Mavic look like?

As you can see in the picture above, a very Mavic-like drone seems to be in the works in the DJI headquarters.

The one on the left is the new picture of the Mavic 2 and on the right there’s my current Mavic Pro (with a skin on).

That is the only leaked picture we have with what seems to be the Mavic 2 from DJI. You might be tempted to say it’s fake and that the picture might be just a cheap chinese clone or something.

However, I’m at least 90% sure this is the real deal, as we’ve seen leaks like these before with the Spark, and they were completely accurate!


As you can see, the body seems much smoother than the older edgy Mavic Pro. I really can’t wait to touch it! I’ll definitely make a review here and on my DronesGator youtube channel as soon as I get my hands on it, so don’t forget to subscribe in advance!


Mavic 2 Camera - is it better?

It obviously will be! An upgrade to the camera of the “old Mavic Pro” is definitely the most important thing they could add. But let’s see exactly what this leaked picture shows us.

As you can see in the zoomed in photo, there is a secondary, smaller camera on the table, this meaning that the drone camera might be modular.

This is big news, as it means it could be upgraded in the future with better cameras, just like the Inspire was.

The size of the camera suggests quite an improvement from the previous model, especially when it comes to sensor size. I expect at least a  1/1.7 inch to a maximum of 1 inch sensor on this new camera, to rival the all-popular Phantom 4 PRO.

This will make it on par with the best photography and videography drones out there, and probably for a very accessible price(I expect under $1500) .

Another easy to miss fact is that the new camera looks much more solid and without the flimsy wires of the Mavic Pro, that always looked so sensible to me.

Will there be a Mavic 2 Pro version?

On the original Mavic, it says right on the arm that it’s a mavic PRO, but on this one it just says Mavic 2, and the band strips are silver, just like on the “advanced” version of the Phantom 3, compared to the gold “Pro” version of P3.

This makes me think they will release at least two versions of the Mavic 2, not necessarily both at once. And something tells me their cameras might be interchangeable. That would be very cool, as you could borrow a better camera from a friend who has the Pro version.

Not only that, you could upgrade it at any point in time.

See the bigger picture DJI delayed event

DJI promised a special Event in the States called “see the bigger picture” where they would probably release something important. We speculate it would be the Mavic 2, and the delay is because production isn’t yet up to par.

We know how solicited the Mavic Pro was back in the past, so it would make sense for them to be prepared in advance with all the stock they can get!

What are the rumored specs of the Mavic 2?

We can’t say for sure anything of this is true, but gathering what people have spoken about in the online communities and judging by the leaked image, these would be some of the expected specifications:

  • 4k camera that shoots 60fps with 3 axis gimbal
  • Removable modular camera
  • 4800+ mAh battery that will probably get up to 32 minute flight times.
  • Will probably use OcuSync
  • top speed 45 mph
  • Sensors in all directions (including backward)
  • Infrared sensors to avoid objects in the dark
  • Faster bitrate 100mbps

Overall, the new Mavic 2 seems like a much better machine, especially when it comes to the camera. But we’ll have to see what it has in store for us.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and ask them what they speculate the new Mavic 2 will have as improvements!

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