DJI Mavic Pro Review - Still good in 2019?

Battery Life

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The DJI Mavic Pro became the most revolutionary drone in the market and still holds the record for the boldest move in this domain.

Nobody has seen such a well functioning and foldable drone up to that point. One that was as portable, yet delivers all the features of a professional camera, and even more!

We're talking about 2 obstacle avoidance sensors in front, sonar sensors at the bottom and an incredible flight range.

The camera, shooting in 4k, stabilized by a superb (yet fragile looking) 3 axis gimbal was nothing short of amazing, and frankly, even in 2019… not much has changed.

Drones have definitely seen improvements, a similarly priced one being the DJI Mavic Air, that's even smaller, yet with a less strong signal.

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What to look for in A camera drone

Drone stability

Usually, when it comes to more advanced camera drones, they come with a way to stabilize the drone on the spot. I'm talking about GPS or optical flow cameras.GLONASS is the russian satelite system, giving even more stability points.


Battery life

Battery life for camera drones should be at least 15 minutes per flight.

Take in account spare batteries (for the Mavic I recommend getting at least 2)

DJI MAVIC PRO: 21 min hover until battery hits 15%; 27 min while going forward at a certain pace.


Flight range can really change what sorts of images you can capture.

DJI MAVIC PRO: 7km  (3.5km in Europe)



Camera resolution isn't everything. Colors, sharpness and bitrate are very important for the overall image.

DJI MAVIC PRO: 4k 1/2.3” (CMOS) sensor, 12mp

Image Stabilization

If I had to pinpoint the most important factor in a camera drone, it would be Image Stabilization. A 4k unstable camera has worse results than a gimbal stabilized 720p one.

DJI mavic Pro: 3 axis gimbal


DJi mavic pro Price and specs

I have owned the Original Mavic Pro for two years, now I have the Mavic Pro 2 for a few months to test it out and compare, but I must say the jump isn't that great.

I must admit I appreciate the additional sensors for safety when following something automatically, but otherwise, the good old Mavic Pro does it's job perfectly, and recently for a lower price!

It can still be definitely used as a professional camera drone, and the image you get from it looks quite sharp.

With a new Mavic bought from Amazon with 2 or 3 batteries included and all the needed accessories you'll make sure it hasn't been used up so the batteries are still at their maximum potential.

There's also the option to buy it second hand if you want.

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Here's a daily price history, so you know if now is the right time to buy it.

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Mavic pro Video Review

In this video, FliteTest did a great job having a look at this drone while testing it around to see what it's capable of.

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Mavic pro vs Mavic air vs Mavic 2 Pro -Camera quality

Here is my video and photo comparison and commentary on the differences between the 3 Mavics in 2019. You might be surprsied of the results, but it's really up to your personal prefference.

I did this test on a video review to show people that there are actual differences between these drones, strangely enough, many considered to like the sharper image of the older Mavic Pro, although the bitrate is lower than the other two. The Mavic 2 is definitely better when it comes to colors and clearly a better choice in low lighting.

Some people might also consider the original Mavic Pro to be a bit over-sharpened, but the details are still incredible, and I'd say I could like it more than the Mavic Air, if you ask me.



DJI Mavic pro

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The transmitter was also a revolutionary move at the time. Now, all the new DJI drones and many other drone companies have a very similar design, without much changing.

The LCD screen shows real time telemetry data like distance and height along with battery and signal strength.

Why is that important? There might be cases where you lose signal and want to know for sure if the drone is returning to home by itself and it's getting closer or not.

The phone app is very well made and there are a few types of cables for the different phones you can put in there.

If you're wondering, yes, it can support a lot of accessories, including a tablet holder and phone sunshade!



DJI Mavic Pro alternatives under $1000


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