DJI Media Maker – How to create drone panoramas and time lapses from your computer

DJI Media maker was originally intended to use only with the DJI Osmo, but it can be successfully used with other DJI products, especially with Spark.

With the release of the new DJI Spark, a few interesting flying modes have also been released to the public.

Things like gesture control, dronie and spiral flying are of much help make things more automatic.

However, in terms of picture taking, one of the most notable improvements from it's predecessors (like Mavic Pro) is the automatic panorama modes.

You can download the Media maker from here.

DJi Spark panoramic modes:

portrait panorama

horizontal panorama

180 degree panorama

Why use DJI Media Maker?

If you want high quality panorama photos from your drone, it's better to first upload them in the computer in high quality and only then stitch them together.

lake drone panorama

Dji Spark does have an automatic panorama creation mode inside the DJI Go 4 app itself, but I found the exporting process to be slow and not as high quality as it should be.

It appears DJI Media maker also removes propellers from the image, if there are any.
Paul Archer
Chief Gator

How can you use DJI Media Maker to create panoramas

dji media creating panorama

You can download the DJI Media Maker from the official DJI website.

where to download dji media maker

As mentioned before, the DJI Media maker will automatically detect the type of panorama made only with the DJI OSMO, but there are workarounds for the Spark too.

​DJI Media Maker creates the following panoramas by default:

  • 360 degree panorama (which works with the horizontal mode on the spark)
  • Spherical Panorama (which works with pictures taken in the 180 panorama mode)
  • There is no way to create vertical panoramas yet (you can do it in the DJI go 4 app for the Spark)

To use the software, you just copy the folders with your panorama images (DJi automatically createst them in the TF Card).

Then you just drag the entire folder with all these images and select between the modes presented above and check the results.

Can you create automatic panoramas with the DJI Mavic?

Unfortunately, you can't yet, but you can manually take pictures with any drone and stitch them toghether in this app.

You can even take manually taken pictures with your phone and easily create a panorama out of them.​

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types of drones

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