DJI OSMO ACTION review – Better than GoPro? What are its specs?

DJI Osmo Action - is it better than GoPro Hero7?

Battery Life

135 min at 1080p





4k 60p 1/2.3″ CMOS



The Dji Osmo Action cam is not really a surprise, considering they already separated the Osmo Pocket in the Mimo app.

The DJI Osmo Action is such an obvious competitor to the GoPro Hero7 Black that DJI managed to outscale them slightly on almost every spec just to try to be better.

But did they actually succeed? 

Fact is, both are top of the action cam game currently and they are pretty close, but one of them certainly has the edge. 

Read the whole review if you want to find my opinion.



DJI OSMO ACTIOn and Hero 7 Specs

Osmo Action camera specs

GoPro Hero7 Action camera specs

Both action cameras have very similar specs, but the Osmo seems to have the slight advantage with a bigger bitrate of 100mb/s compared to the 78 mb/s, which means less compressed footage, so better quality overall.

This will in turn probably make the files a bit bigger, but it's something I can deal with, personally.

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Osmo Action Price and specs

The price has also been strategically chosen to be just under the GoPro Hero7 black, with a price of under $350, the osmo action is becoming one of the more affordable things DJI has to sell while at the same time keeping the standard of quality high.

There aren't many action cameras on the market who can compete with this level of quality at this price range.

The dji Osmo pocket itself might be a better alternative for both when it comes to vlogging and even stabilization, but for an overall sturdier experience, you need a capable action camera that can go up to 11m underwater and sustain some damage!

Camera Options
With Camera
Phone Controlled
Optical Flow Stabilization
Micro SD Card
Under 250g
Drone Types

Osmo Action Video Review

There have been many reviews online of the osmo action cam while at the same time comparing it with the competition and there's no doubt almost every reviewer loved it just as much as I do. The visual results are pretty incredible, nothing less to expect from DJI, if you are to ask me…

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Camera quality

The image above is simply a movement blurr difference between the osmo and the hero 7 black. But even more so I have noticed that when in low light, the Hero camera stabilization behaves worse and stutters strangely.

It's pretty obvious overall that the image stabilization of the OSMO is much better, even though it does crop a tiny bit more than the gopro on the far right and the sony on the left.

Osmo Action

9.5 Total Score
DJI OSMO ACTION - finally a real GoPro Killer

The Gopro Hero 7 looked like it had no real competition on the market thanks to its amazing image stabilization, but the DJI OSMO action totally blew it out of the blue with even better results.

Image quality
Image stabilization
Build quality
  • rocksteady image stabilization!!!
  • 4k 60p stabilized
  • dewarping
  • HDR video
  • screen in front
  • 8x slow motion
  • waterproof
  • option to put ND filters
  • 2 microphones
  • recording stops when you change between screens

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