DJI Osmo Action Vs GoPro Hero7 Black - The ultimate comparison

There is no doubt that the newly released DJI Osmo Action is made to compete in the same niche as the GoPro Hero7 Black and that's big news coming from the biggest drone companies out there.

Although already a giant in the camera and drone industry, DJI doesn't even compare when it comes to experience to the giant that is GOPRO.

Both cameras are pretty similar in what they do, both are rugged cameras of similar image quality and DJI made the Action so that it fits many of the GOpro accessories, which was a smart move.

One obvious first difference is the front screen that the Osmo has, compared to the simple LCD type that Hero has. Let's read the article to find out other differences and compare the image quality and stabilization.


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Battery life: 135 min (rec at 1080p)
Bitrate: 100mbps
Camera 4k 60p 1/2.3″ CMOS
Weight 124g
Battery life: 90 min (rec at 1080p)
Bitrate: 78mbps
Camera 4k 60p 1/2.3″ CMOS
Weight 116g

Advantages and disadvantages

DJI Osmo Action

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GoPro Hero7 Black

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What do you lose and gain by buying one over the other?

Both these cameras do almost the same job and you probably won't regret buying any of them, as they are top of the game when it comes to action cameras in general. However, there is probably one that's better for you, so what do you gain by choosing the right one?

DJi Osmo Action

Gopro hero7

Similarities and specs


Camera comparison

The osmo pocket does seem to have the slight edge in every department, but since this is a camera, the image quality is decisive.

In my opinion, from all the reviews I've seen, there hasn't been much difference in camera quality, so considering the current price and the aditional benefits, I would consider the osmo to be the slightly better choice.

It's all about preference to some extent, but you can see more details in the osmo action in these pics, and at the same time, the blurr in low light environments is better.


Stability comparison

Stabilization is probably the area where recently released action cameras have suprised us the most, and this time it's no different.

The Gopro Hero7 being the top of the industry when it comes to stability achieved in an action camera, that is until recently!

It's pretty obvious that the new Osmo Action is more stable than the Hero 7, sometimes it's more observable and other times it's not that big of a difference. But overall it's clearly an improvement.

It does crop a tiny bit more from the image, but it also maintains a less warped image overall and achieves a more cinematic effect.


As a conclusion, I have no doubts this time that the Osmo Action is a better action camera than GoPro. 

No real need to buy it if you already have the latest Gopro, but if you're deciding between the two… I would definitely recommend you the DJI product this time!

It's $50 cheaper and does more for less!