DJI Robomaster S1 - The FPV robot you deserve

Battery Life

35 min


100m (wifi range)


1080p FPV


4 brushless motors

The Robomaster S1 is so much more than a toy, but even if it were, I would still buy it.

It's hard to not become a DJI fanboy these days, as everything they release is super high quality and fun to use.

This FPV robot is no exception.

I didn't have high expectations for it, thinking it was simply a toy, but the potential behind it.

And shooting Gel Beads at you childhood toys is something you can't miss trying.

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How is this robot built?

First of all, this is a DIY robot package and it seems DJI won't sell it already built because it defeats the main purpose: learning how to build a robot and program it.

The materials used for it are just as we've been used from this company high quality and with no visible compromises.

Thanks to its modular build and the fact that you'll learn how to assemble it yourself, it has big potential for future upgrades and additional parts added.

Intelligent controller

This module has a powerful CPU that functions as the brains of the robot and also works as a low latency image transmission with the required antennas at top.

What is the maximum transmission distance?

Expect a range of about 100m with the standard wifi transmission from your phone.

However, you can link one or more robots to your wifi router and get even more range, or play with some wifi range extenders to double or triple the range.


The S1 Blaster can launch gel beads and infrared beams while making vivid sound effects.

Are the gel beads safe to fire?

The Gel beads are not powerful enough to hurt human or animal skin, but it is recommended to have protective glasses on (they come in the package).

Will the Gel Beads dissolve after some time?

Being over 90% water, they will indeed dissolve after some time, but you might want to clean the mess before hand, or the floor might get sticky.


It does come with a low latency FPV camera so you'll feel like the kid in Home alone while driving this RC car/robot around.

Can the Robomaster S1 Record photos and videos?

The Robomaster S1 can record in 1080p resolution if you insert a micro SD card and in 720p directly on the phone. And yes, it can also take photos.

2 Axis mechanical gimbal

The gimbal has 2 axis for pan and tilt and it's very responsive to movement and quite precise, especially if you add the joystick.

The control pad is an optional accessory that makes it much easier to control the entire robot.

Omnidirectional Mecanum Wheels

The S1 comes with 4 mecanum wheels which allow for movement in any direction, each coming with 12 rollers.

It also comes with a front axel suspension too.

4 Independent brushless motors

It comes with customized m3508l motors that features integrated ESC.

Brushless motors are more expensive than brushed ones, but they also come with increased durability and power.

Six intelligent armor panels

There are hit detectors all around the small drone(yes, I called it a drone) that will change colors when they are hit and contribute to modify the robot health bar when in a versus game.


App and programming

The app and ability to program it even directly from your phone to do a plethora of movements is the main focus for DJI trying to get nowadays kids more into technology.

Besides scrolling on facebook, building your own robot and programming it is a WAY better past time activity for developing a healthy relationship with technology for you child.

What can you program?

First of all, you don't have to already be a programmer to do any of this.

The dji app has step by step tutorials and visual cues to teach you beginner programming.

It comes with 46 programmable components, so it's not just the gimbal and the wheels that's a variable.

It can recognise up to 44 vision markers (some of which are included in the box).

You can make it follow lines on the ground.

Can it follow you?

Yes, the camera can track subjects and recognises humans and other robots (talk about Terminator).

Not only that, it follows you by doing sideways movements too so the video is actually pretty smooth.

Can it recognise gestures?

Yes, it can recognise gestures and you can use it to program almost anything with that in mind.

It can also do something by recognising when you clap.

Robomaster S1

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