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All Drone Laws in Denmark for 2020 (Complete Guide)

This is a guide for Denmark drone laws in 2021 (updated every year) where you'll get a clue about what you can or shouldn't do while flying a quadcopter anywhere in this country.

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Can I fly a drone in the Denmark?

Yes, drone flying in Denmark is legal and there is a vibrant drone pilot community. Besides flying over Copenhagen, you can capture stunning images in the countrysides. 

Contact information

The body overseeing drone regulations and enforcement in Denmark is the Danish Civil Administration, (CAA). You can get in touch using either English or Danish. Get in touch via:





How are drones classified in Denmark?

  • Microdrones - which are below 250g
  • Small drones - which lie between 250g - 25Kg
  • Big drones - Over 25 Kg

What are the Drone Laws in Denmark?

drone laws by country updated map

Drone rules in Denmark are classified according to commercial and non-commercial flights, as well as countryside and urban areas.

Recreational drone rules

  • Mark the registration details on your drone
  • Maintain 100 m above ground
  • Subscribe to 3rd party insurance of 1 million €
  • Fly during the day and maintain a visual line of sight.
  • Notify police 24 hours prior to the flight
  • Fly away from airports, urban centers, installations, military areas, and other restricted zones.

Rules on commercial drone use in Denmark

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Your drone must be registered accordingly. See here
  • Urban center flight limit 120m
  • Alert police 24 hours prior

City vs countryside

When in the countryside, give the following consideration to the location:


  • Keep off restricted areas:
  • Stay 150 meters away from residential areas
  • Keep 150 meters away from busy streets and roads
  • Keep 5 Kilometers away from airports


  • Maintain a height of 100 AGL
  • Do not fly above crowds of people
  • The drone must not pose any danger to its immediate surroundings

When is my drone flying considered a city operation?

  1. If you are 150 meters from residential areas
  2. If you are 150 meters close to busy streets and roads
  3. If you are 5 Km close to an airport

How do to get a drone license in Denmark

controlled and uncontrolled airspace levels graphic

A Danish drone license is referred to as Dronebevis. You must have the license to fly in the cities or close to any airport. 

The drone license is acquired after passing a drone license course. The pilot has to be physically present to participate.

The license is also permanent. Here are the license categories:


  • Drone license 1A - For drones up to 1.5 Kg. 
  • Drone license 1B - For drones up to 7 Kg. 
  • Drone license 1C - For drones up to 25 Kg.


1A course happens for 2 days and costs 1049$.

1B & 2 is 3 days and costs 1199$.

What is covered in the Denmark drone license course?

Vital theoretical information on drone technology, regulations, and airspace. As well as elements of operational planning. The theoretical content is very similar to that of the FAA in the United States.

What are the drone rules for flying over residential areas?

A drone is not a carte blanche to fly wherever you want. When in residential areas you must:

  • The pilot must have valid liability insurance permissible within Danish territory.
  • Drone operations must suit a commercial purpose
  • The drone must operate 15 meters from anyone else who is not the operator.

What is the penalty for illegally flying a drone in Denmark?

You will be liable to a hefty fine or imprisonment of up to 2 years if found culpable of intentionally breaching the laws

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