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All Drone Laws in Poland 2023 (Complete Guide)

Updated in 2023 by Andleeb
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height flight limit 1

150m max height

cant fly over crowds of people 1

100m from population

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5km from airport

line of sight law 1

Only line of sight

Just as in most EU countries, the adoption of drones and their use has become a big industry in Poland. Just before the New Year of 2020, new amendments to the current laws were even introduced to open up new uses for the industry.  

Our Dronesgator guide to the drone laws in Poland outlines how to remain updated with the latest drone laws in the country. The information covers where one can get a drone permit, areas for flying the drone travel guides, and contact information.

Is it Legal to fly drones in Poland?

According to Poland’s national aviation authority, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), it is legal to fly a drone in Poland as far as you are aware and compliant with the drone regulations. The polish has straight-to-the-point rules.

Can I bring a drone to Poland?

There’s no such law that prevents bringing drones to Poland. However, the passenger must observe all the laws and regulations. 

Who is the drone regulating Authority in Poland?

Poland comes under the European Union so if you want to fly a drone in Poland you have to be compliant with both, the EU and National drone laws of Poland. The following body supervises and  implements the drone rules and regulations in Poland:

  1. Civil Aviation Authority Poland (CAA)
  2. European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Here's how you can contact the officials for more information.

Email: kancelaria@ulc.gov.pl 

Phone:+48 22 520 7200

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General Drone Rules in Poland:

The Polish agency responsible for drone safety, CAA, has provided several details on flying drones for fun or work. Based on our research and interpretation of the laws, here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Poland.

 The drone laws in Poland are a bit strict, but they offer a great deal of freedom in the countryside.

  1. The drones cannot be flown above the height of 150 meters.
  2. A visual line of sight must be maintained by the pilot during their flight operation.
  3. Drones should not weigh more than 25 kilograms.
  4. Drones must be kept at least at a distance of 5 km from the airports.
  5. The drones must be kept at least at a distance of 100 meters from crowded areas.
  6. The drones must be kept at least at a distance of 30 meters from people, vehicles, or animals.
  7. Drones cannot be flown above people, infrastructures, or populated areas.
  8. To operate the drones in Warsaw, the operators must obtain a special permit from the Government Protection Bureau (BOR) before their operation.
  9. The drones cannot be flown at night
  10. You should have private liability coverage to fly a drone in Poland.
  11. Verify where you can or cannot fly using the drone map of Poland available on many sites.

How can I register as a drone pilot or operator in Poland?

According to the CAA, you have to register yourself as a drone operator to operate your drone in Poland for commercial purposes. For the registration, you can visit CAA online website, and you can find the operator registration procedure at the CAA Online Drone Registration link

This UAS operator registration number is valid for one year therefore, it must be renewed every year through the same procedure. The operator registration number remains the same this way forever, except that the operator is being deregistered from the registered for any reason.

How can I register my drone in Poland?

According to the CAA, you have to register your drone to operate it in Poland for commercial purposes. 

To register your drone you have to apply for a PH (registration mark) online. The process will require specifics on drone ownership. In addition to that, you have to submit detailed documents that include the invoice, serial number, and photos.

 The process usually takes 2 weeks to process your submissions. It is advised to keep this timeline in mind while making your plans.

Drone Laws for Recreational drone operations:

According to the CAA, there are no specific rules for recreational drones except for the EU rules and General rules for flying drones in Poland. You just have to abide by them and then you are good to go.

Drone Laws for Recreational drone operations:

To operate your drones in Poland for commercial purposes and activities, you must notify and get registered with the CAAN. In addition to that, your intended operations might require some additional documentation.

If you are flying a drone for non-recreational or business purposes, you must abide by the following rules as a UAV operator:

  1. You must possess a certificate of qualification as an unmanned aerial vehicle operator (UAVO) to operate drones commercially.
  2. In case you are under 18 then you must fly under adult supervision.
  3. You must carry with you a legal guardians’ consent before receiving a certificate of qualification if you are under the age of 18.
  4. You must obtain adequate third-party liability coverage to operate commercially.
  5. You must obtain the necessary aero-medical examinations of your aircraft weighing more than 5kg.
  6. Your drone must be technically well equipped.
  7. Commercial drone pilots must have a medical certificate and pass both theoretical and practical tests. However, if you are already registered as a commercial pilot in any other EU member state, the permits will be recognized by the CAA.

Am I required to have insurance to fly a drone in Poland?

Yes. It is a necessary requirement from CAA for you to get yourself and your drone liability coverage to operate them in Poland. Breaking rules or in case of an accident, you might be fined to have it all covered it is advisable to have yourself covered by third-party insurance.

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What are my top drones to fly safely in Poland?

My following two recommendations are 2 great compact drones that are quite silent and also small enough to travel with and not stand out as annoying.

1. DJI Mini 2- The best international travel drone (under 250g)




31 min


10 km


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image 25

DJI has surprised us with this incredible camera drone under 250g, which is legal to fly in most countries without registration.

It comes at a very cheap price for its incredible specs.I have covered it much more in-depth in my article review and even compared it with the Mavic Air 2.

2. DJI Mavic Air 2 - My favorite drone overall


4k 60p


34 min


10 km


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image 26

If you want more control over things like shutter speed, iso, and such, the best professional drone that still falls under the 500g category is the DJI Mavic Air.

It's made mostly for people who want to play around with settings and enter into the pro category.

DJI lowered its price since it was first released.

Restricted Areas and Geofencing (Drone Flying map)

The best way to figure out what areas you can fly in, while you're here is by consulting DJI's official map.

They do a great job mapping the places that one should avoid while flying in every country:

  • airports
  • military bases
  • prisons
  • power plants
  • any high-risk areas

These would be the current updated drone laws for Poland. I suggest checking my full map with all the countries' drone laws to see where it's best to travel.


If you are going to visit Poland, make sure you’ve learned all the dos and don’ts of flying drones in this region. This will help you have a safe journey and enjoy flying your drone without getting yourself into trouble. 

Also, keep in mind that, commercial and recreational drones are treated differently in most countries therefore you will need to prepare yourself accordingly. Last but not least, always follow rules and regulations and make sure to respect the laws of every country.

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