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Drone Laws in Wyoming (Everything You Should Know in 2023)

Updated in 2023 by Paul Posea
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The mass adoption of drones has come with its share of challenges. Technology limitations, hard-to-control traffic, and stringent rules are some of the known challenges. While drone flyers have no control over technology limitations, they must understand and follow all drone laws in Wyoming.

 The drone laws enacted by the Federal Aviation Administration are as follows:

Precedence: The Wyoming Aeronautics Commission (WAC) develops and oversees laws regulating the operations of unmanned aircraft in Wyoming. Nevertheless, the commission does not have the sole mandate to control unmanned aircraft operations in pilotable airspaces. The Federal USA agency, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), manages all drone operations in crewed and unmanned aircraft in Wyoming. Moreover, the Wyoming State legislature has enacted laws to control drone operations.

Can I Fly a Drone in Wyoming?

Yes you can, but flying a drone in Wyoming is subject to state and local government regulations and flight controls. Drone operators in Wyoming can fly drones for fun or commercial purposes.  

For a government employee in Wyoming State (fire department and police officers) to fly a drone, they need to get the federal Certificate of Authorization (COA) or operate within FAA’s Part 107 laws.

General Drone Rules and Compliance Tips in Wyoming 

The FAA and WAC have enacted rules that every drone operator must comply with. The drone regulations and compliance rules universal to every drone flying activity are:

  • Drone operators must know which manned and unmanned airspaces allow recreational and commercial drone operations.
  • It is illegal in Wyoming to control more than one drone concurrently. That increases the potential for accidents and injuries.
  • You’re not allowed to fly an unmanned drone close to airplanes. The drones can visually block pilots operating manned aircraft systems, leading to accidents.
  • Under no circumstance should you fly a drone while intoxicated. You’re at higher risk of causing accidents if you fly a drone when under alcohol, drug, or medication influence.
  • Your drone operations must never interfere with the safety and security of the public. Avoid operating a drone in areas with active emergency activities.

NOTE: Federal airspace laws are superior to state drone laws. Local and state regulations conflicting with FAA laws are likely to be nullified.

Laws Recreational Drone Flyers in Wyoming Must Comply With 

To fly a recreational drone in Wyoming, you must take the FAA-regulated  The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). Drone hobbyists must observe the FAA’s recreational model aircraft rules. One such rule is to pay the mandatory $5 for registering drones exceeding 55 pounds. 

Unmanned aircraft use isn’t limited to a specific group of drone operators. Both commercial and recreational drone operators have access to these facilities. To keep safe, protect your drone, and avoid disrupting the activities of other drone operators, observe the following recreational drone operation rules:

  • Observe the FAA-approved Community Based Organization safety rules. Keep watch of the safety guidelines enacted by existing aeromodelling organizations in Wyoming.
  • Fly the drone within a visual line of sight. You can use a co-located visual observer to keep your drone in sight.
  • Your recreational drone flying activities must never interfere with the activities of crewed aircraft.
  • Keep your drone within a maximum of 400 feet high in controlled airspaces. Only fly your drone in crewed aircraft if you have the authorization of DroneZone or LAANC.
  • Take and pass the Recreational UAS Safety Test and carry proof of test passage.
  • Never attempt dangerous drone flying activities such as flying near critical infrastructure, under the influence, or interfering with law enforcement activities.
  • Register your drone and mark the registration number on it. You have to carry proof of registration when flying your drone. This is only applicable if your recreational drone is heavier than 55 pounds.

Commercial Drone Rules In Wyoming

Under FFA’s Part 107 Small UAS Rule, commercial drone operators in Wyoming must pass the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test to obtain the Remote Pilot Certificate. Commercial flyers need the Remote Pilot Certificate to access and fly drones in crewed and unmanned Wyoming aircraft.

Every commercial drone activity in Wyoming must align with the FAA Part 107 laws. Commercial drone flyers need to know and follow all the regulations to avoid committing legal offenses, stay safe, and maximize their drone activity output.

  • Read and implement the Part 107 rules to the latter. You can go through the PDF summary of the rules to get an idea of what you require.
  • Commercial drone flyers must never conduct their drone activities near manned airports. The drones could hinder the other pilot’s sight of view, causing accidents.
  • Not all commercial drone flying activities are covered by the Part 107 rules. Such activities will require a waiver. Such activities and the associated waivers include:
  • Commercial flying your drone from an aircraft or moving car ($107.25)
  • Flying the drone above people in parks and other public areas ($107.39)
  • Flying the drone during the day {$107.29)
  • Operating in prohibited or regulated airspaces ($107.41)
  • Flying multiple unscrewed drones ($107.35)
  • Yielding the right of way ($107.37)

NOTE: If your commercial drone operations need a waiver, you must apply for the waiver yourself.

Flying Drones in State Parks (Updated Laws)

Flying a drone commercially or recreationally over state waters and lands is legal. However, your rights to fly a drone over state parks end when you fly at altitudes lower than the standard minimum heights or when your drone flying activities interfere with activities on the land or water. 

Violating the Federal air commercial regulations is subject to hefty fines. Commercial and recreational drone flyers have to ensure that they don’t violate the rights of the people using the state parks. A drone flyer can land their drones in State parks in Wyoming, but only if the conditions are safe.

Flying Drones in Privately Owned Lands 

Local government rules regulate how and where drone flyers can operate their unmanned aircraft. Operating drones over private properties is only legal if you have sought the property owner's consent. Landing your drone on private property without the owner’s permission is illegal and can attract heavy fines. That’s if the property owner sues you for nuisance or trespass. However, forced landing is an exception.

Landing Drones in Cultural Reserves, Parks, and Recreational Reserves 

Wyoming has very specific laws when it comes to landing drones in cultural reserves, parks, and recreational reserves. Some notable cultural reserves in Wyoming include the Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park. There are also a number of smaller parks and recreational reserves located throughout the state.

Landing drones in these areas is only allowed with a permit from the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. The Commission will only issue permits for research or educational purposes.

Conducting your drone activities and landing on these facilities without the consent of the operators can mean bleach of privacy and interference to facility operations. If you are caught landing a drone in a cultural reserve, park, or recreational reserve without a permit, you could be fined up to $5,000.


Flying a drone in Wyoming can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it is important to understand the laws that apply to drone pilots. luckily for Wyoming, there are few laws specifically for drones. Instead, the state has a general law that covers all aircraft, including drones. This law prohibits anyone from operating an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner.

While there are few specific drone laws in Wyoming, pilots must follow the state's general aviation laws. These laws prohibit anyone from operating an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner. This means that drone pilots must take care to avoid flying their drones in a way that could endanger people or property.

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