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Aerial Photos

21 awesome exotic locations photographed by Drones

by Paul Archer on February 21, 2016

Lost island, Tahaa, French Polynesia- by Marama

Karang Bajat Island, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

An aerial snap of a remote island from Indonesia, surrounded by the clear ocean. Covered in a dense patch of vegetation, it looks to me like a cake on the sea.​

Image by Snapair

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Relais Château Tahaa, French Polynesia

This island is situated in the South Pacific Ocean, in the east of Australia. And as you can clearly see, it doesn't get more tropical than this. The clear waters reflect the beautiful blue sky, and this speciffic area has shallow waters, perfect for little huts to sleep above the ocean.

Image by Marama

I must admit I have a weakness for beautiful tropical places(islands especially).

And even more if they have clear blue waters and picturesque waterfalls surrounded by a green heaven and beautiful beaches.

So I've compiled the most beautiful photos of exactly these types of places. Most are tropical locations, but there are also a few exceptions. 

If you do enjoy this, I strongly recommend you check my other article  with 30 gorgeous drone photos from different cities around the world.

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This place is too beautiful not to put more pics...

Playa Buena, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renouned for it's beautiful beaches, yet you may be surprised by really how beautiful some of them can be.Check out this article on to get an overview of how that place feels to travelers.

Image by Pastografo

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Tamul waterfal, Mexico

Tamul is the biggest waterfall of San Luis Potosi, standing at 105 meters. Probably the most beautiful waterfall in Mexico. There's an amazing video made by the author of the picture bellow.

Tamul Waterfall by Postandfly

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia (again)

This is a fish eye aerial photo of the same island as before. I'm just in love with it, what can I say?

Natural Pool in Saona, Dominican Republic

This is a very popular touristic atraction in the Dominican Republic, that's located a small distance off the mainland. People get there with catamarans and small motorboats, usually in groups.

Image by Oscargel

Cascada el Cora, Mexico

Another hit from the beautfiul and wild Mexico.This is a worthy competitor to the previous Tamul Waterfall

Image by FlyByArt

Wayag, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Small, dark-green droplets in a huge ocean. The water looks dyed in 50 shades of blue (heh).

Image by Ryan

Cascade sauvage, France

Beautiful and wild waterfall from the Rhône-Alpes.

Image by Ookpik

Luengöni beach, Lifou, New Caledonia

As the author of the following three beautiful pictures state: Luegoni (meaning 2 beaches) has one of the finest sands and some incredible crystal clear water, reefs. It's also a great place to spot turtles doing their things.

Moya beaches, Mayotte, Mozambic channel

Stunning gulf pools created after the collision of volcanic plaques.

Image by DroneGo

Kaputas Beach, Antalya

Wai’opae Fishpond, Island of Lana’i, Hawaii

The image shows a beautiful contrast between the Island's massive land and the ocean at it's feet. 

You can see at the bottom an acient Hawaiian fishpond being reconstructed by workers (on the left). The restoration process hopes to make it functional again and restore the beauty of those shallow waters.

image by Joelanai

Robinsons Island, Maldives

A trully beautiful resort bult on the surface of the water next to a small remote island.

image by jericsdaniel

San Martin, Antilles françaises

A glorious sunset in Saint Martin.

Koh Pipi, Thailand

Thailand seems to trump all when it comes to beautiful tropical beaches.

image by Inflowmotion

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