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Latest Drone Reviews in 2024


These are the latest reviews for some of the most recently released drones this year. Enjoy them, but don't forget to check the rules in your country before you do so.


Arthur Bell Blade 720 Review in 2024

In this Blade 720 review we'll take a look at why this is a scam and how you can find way better alternatives (or a cheaper price). We'll also look at the specs

Jjrc x9 Heron Review (Still Amazing in 2024?)

The JJRC X9 Heron is a another DJI Spark clone that’s much cheaper than the original, yet it still holds the 2 axis gimbal stabilization, brushless motors, and GPS positioning with Return to Home.
Autel Evo Nano Drone Review (2)

Autel Evo Nano Drone Review: The Best Drone Under 250 Grams?

Wildly considered one of the best drones under 250 grams if not the best the Autel Evo Nano drone series are taking the mini-drones market by a storm. Check out this detailed review of the Evo Nano drones to find out why!
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