Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D’Andrea presenting incredible high tech drone projects meant to change how we see the future. 

Embark in this amazing 10 min eye-opening presentation of what the potential of drones could actually be, and how fast we're accelerating towards a very exciting and full of potential future.

The real reward is the journey and the act of creation. It's a continual reminder of how wonderful and magical the universe we live in is, that it allows creative, clever creatures to sculpt it in such spectacular ways.
Raffaello D’Andrea
Autonomous systems expert

The 5 types of drone technology


A self regulating drone/steady wing copter called the Tail-sitter

It's being thrown in the air violently then quickly able to readjust it's trajectory and keep a stable hovering, all on automatic pilot. 

This type of technology has been seen before in the activity of hobby RC flyers, but the amount of stability presented here is unmatched.


The second Item presented is The Mono-spinner

The world's mechanically simplest controlled flying machines, invented just a few months ago. It has only ONE moving part: a propeller. 

The system is very electronically complex though and not quite what you'd expect in terms of design.

The omni-copter

“an exercise in excess compared to the frugal mono-spinner” – as the creator underlined. It's a highly symmetrical machine that's ambivalent to orientation, being capable to move anywhere in 3D space in a fashion that hasn't been observed before.


Who even needs that broken motor anyway-drone

The fourth contraption in this mind blowing presentation is a quadcopter made of 2 separate control axis that are independent of one another. This enables it to fly even if it looses one motor, or even 2.

The last technological feature shown has been observed in other similar projects and it features multiple mini quad-copters. 

These are autonomously flying in a tandem, programmed to do execute complex 3D patterns and even delicate functions like building walls with bricks or bridges with pieces of string.In this case, Raffaello presents a beautiful light dance with dozens of mini quad-copters flying above the amazed audience like a little swarm of fireflies.