Flyboard Air – Made by Oscorp Industries?(the jetpack of the future is now) 2 2433

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen at least once the original Flyboard, that thing that has a long hose that comes out of the water and flies you around.

It’s super cool, but it definitely limits you to using it only above water.

What the inventor Frank Zapata has managed to do this time is the same Green-Goblin-like jetpack, but with turbine engines this time that can fly above land too.

And it’s completely mesmerizing, being able to reach speeds of over 160km/h and fly for over 10 minutes, expected to fly for up to 30 minutes in the future iterations.

Flyboard Air video demo

There’s no doubt that this incredible technology will revolutionise the future in many ways.

What i’m interested most is personal fun though, just imagine going with this at work everyday and avoiding the traffic.

Oh, and the video above is a first person view of the experience you’d have in the flyboard air, pretty awesome I’d say.

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    Best Regards Mr Bengt Sandgren

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