"Before you fly" Drone checklist (FREE)

If you find yourself often in the situation where you are unprepared for a flight and regret it after (I know I do), this checklist is perfect for creating the right habits for that!

drone pre flight checklist png

Why do you need a checklist?

I too am the type of person who doesn't even read instructions when using something, so how in the world did I think having a checklist is helpful?

It's all about habits!

I haven't used this checklist for a while and that's because I now have the habit of doing the entire process by default.

It took me about 15-20 uses of this checklist to engrain every step.

After that, my going out with a drone is waaay simpler!

How to improve your drone photography

Even though there are a ton of free videos online showing you how to be a good photographer, good luck learning FAST and PROPERLY how to take great photos with a drone!

This is why I would highly recommend you check by best recommended course on drone photography by Alex Harris.

drone photography
drone videography

How to improve your drone videography

I must admit I'm more oriented towards taking videos instead of photos with my Mavic Air 2, but thing is... it's way harder to learn to do it properly than taking photos.

If you're serious about making money with drones, I recommend you this Drone videography course from A to Z that teaches you everything you should know to start making $$ even without experience. This course is also by Alex Harris.