Gopro Hero 7 Black - the most stable action cam?

He Hero 7  from GoPro finally delivered something spectacular that actually enticed me to buy, after many years of slight improvements.

The combination between the 4k 60p and the Hypersmooth stabilization is probably enough for most people to decide.

In this article we try to figure out what other features the new Gopro delivers and how does it compare with some of the new kids on the block (action cameras and the new Osmo pocket).

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What's new on the Gopro Hero 7 Black

Image stability

I have always been the adept of great image stabilization.

Actually I would prefer having 720p image resolution but very well stabilized instead of 4k that's shaky as hell.

Not only that, the GoPro was always made for action and movement. In those situations, great stabilization is everything.

The Hero 7 black delivers the hypersmooth stabilization option.

This means, both in normal recording and in timelapses, it comes with absolutely stunning results.

A drawback is that because it doesn't actually have a gimbal, in night time it suffers a bit when trying to decide what to stabilize and the footage gets a bit strange.

Battery Life

The hero 7 has a decent battery life, depending on the mode you shoot in.

That means in 4k 60 you might get about 1h and 20min, while in 1080p that increases by an entire hour.

It also has the advantage of a removable battery, which means you have the potential to use it as much as you like in the field.



There's no doubt in my mind that GoPros have always been some of the more durable action cams on the market.

However, the recent realeases, this one included have no need for external cases for them to be waterproof or resist shocks.

The Hero 7 can handle 10m deep waters and shocks from dropping it from the same distance

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Gopro Hero 7 Price and specs

The GoPro hero 7 black is priced pretty fairly in my oppinion, it rivals with some of the best devices on the market, including the osmo Pocket from DJI.

It kept the same sensor as before and the photos it takes are in 4k. I would have liked a bigger bitrate, personally, but I must still admit I like the videos this thing takes alot.

It has probably a lot to do with the incredible stabilization.

It doesn't come with a microphone jack, but there are accessories for that. The standard microphone is kinda muffled, probably to make it water proof. So it's not actually usable for vlogs.

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Here's a dainly price history for the Hero 7 black, so you know if now is the right time to buy it.

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Gopro hero 7 video Review

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Hero 7 vs others

The GoPro has always had a few solid competitors, including some sony cameras. But recently a new player is on the ground, and that is the Osmo pocket from DJI.

Is the Hero 7 more stable than Sony FDR x3000?

As you can see in the video above, there's no doubt the new Hero 7 beats the sony by quite a margin. 

It's incredible that I thought the Sony was unbreatable just a few months ago and now Gopro amazes us with this insane stabilization out of nowhere.

How Good is the camera?Vs Osmo Pocket

Talking about Osmo pocket, another quite unique vlogging/ action camera recently released, that I have also reviewed.

I had to make a comparison between the two and went on an offroad adventure. Because, what other better way to test two super stabilized cameras?

Here are my results:


As you can see in the above image,the osmo has a brighter, and smaller field of view, which makes things look more cinematic. While the Gopro has the fishe

When it comes to selfies and vlogging, the gopro helps by having a bigger frame and capturing more action, while a camera like the osmo Pocket, has a more close up in person view with a narrower field of view and blurred background.

Hero 7

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