The best drones under $200 in 2020[and what to avoid]

best drones under $200 list in 2020

Best Drones under $200 in 2020 (table and charts comparison) Looking for a good quality drone under $200 can be tough as you’re not yet in the more professional budget area. However… I only chose my top brushless drones, so they’re durable and you don’t end up buying an expensive toy drone that easily breaks! […]

Best drones under $100 [updated in 2020] – My top 5

Best drones under $100

Best Drones under $100 in 2020 (table and charts comparison) In this article you’ll se my top drones under $100 ranked until the best one I would recommend (at the end). If you’re in a hurry, check out the winner right here. It’s quite hard to decide between most cheap drones these days. This is […]

Best drones under $50 in 2020 (My top 7 cheap quadcopters)


Best Drones under $50 in 2020 (table comparison) The best drones under $50 is a category where there’s A LOT of abundance, especially coming from Chinese companies. This means it’s even harder to choose.  But since I tested probably over a hounded of these and even reviewed some on my youtube channel, I’ll try to help […]

5 Best Drones For Motorcycles in 2020 (That follow you)

3 Best Drones For Motorcycles in 2020 (Complete Guide) If you’re looking for a drone to be used while you’re riding your motorcycle, this article will guide you through the whole process, step by step. So if you’re an up-and-coming vlogger, a cinematographer, or simply want to use drones for personal leisure, this article is […]

What is a drone? All types of UAVs explained

What are drones and how do they work? A drone is officially known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It is an aircraft that does not require a human pilot on board in order to fly. These types of aircraft are typically controlled by remote control. Some advanced types of drones can fly autonomously. The […]

7 Best Safe RC Boats for kids in 2019 (Infographic comparison)

Top RC Boats in 2019 For kids And what to avoid Top 3 RC boats for kids Show all Sort By Score Most Popular Most Favorite 1 More details + v bcfgchfgchfgxhdgxchdfgchfgvhyfggrtchdf Add to compare – Color Read more Read full review 2 More details + sssssssss Add to compare – Color Read more Read […]

Best Silent Drones – Which are the most quiet quadcopters in 2019

Silent drones – Top quadcopters rated by noise level I’f you’re interested in silent drones, there’s more than the decibels that you should be looking for, but that’s a pretty good start. If you’re looking not to get yourself annoyed or be a bother to other people when flying, the pitch of the noise is […]

Top drone companies – What are the biggest commercial drone manufactures besides DJI?

Top Drone Companies you should watch in 2019 The best drone companies out there will slowly make it on this list, as it’s continually updated and more categories will be added soon. There are companies that are both manufacturers of UAVs while at the same time providing software or inspection services, so I recommend you […]

How to build a drone – Best DIY Drone kits for your home make quadcopter

Best quadcopter kits – how to build your drone Building your own drone can be a daunting or incredibly satisfying job. That’s why getting yourself a drone kit is the perfect compromise, instead of buying parts on your own, not being sure if they fit together. In this article I’ll be getting though why you’d […]

Best RC Cars Under $100 – My top 5 rc cars in 2019

Best RC Cars under $100 in 2019 RC cars under $100 are in a special price category where you start seeing more quality parts like brushless motors and metal gears. It took me quite a while to shift though the large amounts of RC cars on the market to come up with only a hand […]

Cheap Drones – Best Drones for the money, ordered by price

Cheap Drones – Ordered by price This is going to be a list with the cheapest drones in each category along with links to my top best drones for the money in each price range. If you’re on a low budget or simply want to find how much you’re gonna pay for the different types […]

Best drones under $1000 – top high quality quadcopters


Top 5 Best Drones under $1000 (updated for 2020) Drones under $1000 are already in a price category that leaves room for a lot of quality and more advanced technology. I’m talking about obstacle avoidance sensors, zoom lenses, better GPS accuracy, better builds, and so on. The drones on this list are the best I could […]