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Heli Max 1sq - Still worth in 2018?

The first thing that got my attention when it comes to the Heli-Max 1sq was the incredible stability it has.

 It’s small, nimble and really well made by a company that has quite a history in RC.

I would say it’s on par, if not better in some ways than the best quads in this price range, like the Blade Nano qx and the very popular Hubsan X4. 

A great advantage compared to other toy drones is the ability to be used “bind and fly” with your own transmitter. More on this later.

Unboxing - What's in the pacakge?

The package for the Heli-Max will differ a bit depending on what version you get (camera or no camera), but it contains everything you need to start flying and even 4 bonus transmitter batteries.

We’ll get into the details for the transmitter a little later in the review (after we talk about the camera).

Camera - Also known as V-cam

Considering the camera stablility, it’s amazing how smooth the filming can be with no mechanical gimbal.

 I think this is pretty much the smoothest footage I saw at a toy grade quadcopter. Again, the video resolution is HD 720p, but don’t expect anything too majestic out of it. 

The still images can be pretty blurry, because it’s not perfectly stabilized. I mean, what did you expect, Phantom 3 level photos for 50$?

Here's a video showing the camera capabilty

More camera details and observations

It can be pointed at different angles by hand, before starting the flight

The mount for the camera is really solid, so you won’t have any vibration, or any of that “jello” effect that makes videos really bad looking.

Delaying of the sound can be easily fixed in an editor, but usually nobody wants to hear sound anyway. Plus, making shorter videos seem to solve this problem completely.

Flight experience and tips

The different colored proppellers makes it way easier to keep orientation, compared to some other beginner quads out there. 

And it also comes with small rubber bumpers on the legs for extra grip when landing on different surfaces.

There’s a tiny button under the shell of the quad that you can press and bind it to your own transmitter. But if you’re a beginner, to be fair, the original remote it comes with is pretty damn good already.

Can it do flips?

Not only that, but the flips with this quad (and I mean both the V-cam and original version) are way more fun to do than on any other toy i’ve seen.

However, more fun doesn’t mean easier. Quite the opposite, actually. 

This quad works like a fixed pitch helicopter, which means that when you want to make any flips, you have to lower down the throttle a little. 

Then, while in high rate flying mode, move the direction stick in whichever direction you want to flip. 

This makes it not so beginner friendly. Even so, after you get the move, you’ll feel much more acomplished and will find it more fun than just pressing one button to do it for you. Enjoy the thrill!

Battery life - How to make it last longer

It comes in 2 versions

  • 1sq Original version with no camera
  • 1sq V-cam with a 720 p camera

Both can be bought in 2 different packages:

  1. RTF(ready to fly)
  2. Tx-R (that binds with your own controller)
1 sq

The TX-r version enables you to connect the quad to another remote transmitter than the original. 

You need an anylink 2.4GHz adapter attached to any preffered controller like a DX8 , that will enable more experienced people to even set up the gyro sensitivity and other setings like that.


Heli-Max 1sq original quadcopter

You want to buy this version only if you don’t give a damn about having a camera and just want to fly it for fun. Being quite cheaper helps too.

Advantages compared to the V-cam 

  • Has slighter better mobility for stunts(because it lacks the camera weight)
  • It's almost $40 cheaper
  • personal opinion: color scheme looks better

Heli-Max 1sq V-cam

This version is not only improved with a camera, but also better stabilization technology that makes it easier to record video with less shaking.

It has a 6 axis gyro (the previous had 3 axis). This means that it has 3 more axis from the accelerometer, which makes it even more stable.

 This is even more stable quad than the standard 1sq, not meant to be that zippy, but rather treated more like a camera platform.

If you want to keep it as stable as possible, make sure you power it on a straight surface, so that the accelerometer calibrates properly.

You can always use the trim buttons later to fine tune that, but most of the time it won’t be necessary.

Advantages compared to no Cam 

  • 6 axis gyro (which makes it even more stable than before)
  • it comes with an HD 720p 30 fps camera
  • has micro SD card and USB reader for it included in the package


  • Really stable flight
  • There's both camera or no-camera versions
  • You can buy a cheaper package to connect to your own controller (with an anylink adaptor)
  • Pretty damn maneuverable


  • If you take longer videos, there can be problems with the sound and video format.
  • No Propeller Protection


The Heli Max 1sq may be fairly old on the market, but it's still relevant and a very fun quad even in 2018!

Flight Quality
Very stable 88%
Could be better 60%
Build quality
Pretty well built 74%
The Camera
Records very sharp (even for 2018) 77%
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