Holystone HS220 drone review – fly it folded and unfolded

Holystone HS220 drone review - fly it folded and unfolded

Battery Life

7min min







Holystone is one of the more notable toy drone companies in America. Allthough, just like everyone else, their drones are made in China.

However, what I have noticed different about the HS220 is that it has both quality and unique well thought functions to it.

There’s also no fake buttons on the transmitter! 


If you’re in a hurry, well, this drone is perfect for beginners as it’s very well protected, crash proof and the camera can be fun at times.


What to look for in a beginner drone

Battery Life

This is generally valid for any type of drone. 

How long it stays in the air is quite important as a fact, if you want to have fun without having to charge it right away and spoil the fun.

You’ll want to get a drone with a removable battery and that preferably comes with multiple ones in the package (or the option to buy more).

The holystone HS220 does come with 2 that are interchangeable with the controller, so you’ll have plenty. One battery lasts for over 7 minutes.

Drone saftey and flight

You’ll definitely crash your first drone, and you need to make it last way past that first crash.

That’s where prop guards, and different drone builds and materials come into play.

Speciffically, the HS220 is quite resilient and can handle crashes very well, as the prop guards are actually a part of the frame itself and they have some elasticity to them.

This means they won’t break easily and you can freely hit things without challenging the props.

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Holystone HS220 Price and specs

Being under the $100 category, I would consider it low budget, but make sure you actually like using the camera too.

Why is that?

Because if not, you can definitely get cheaper drones for training. 

This quadcopter does come with a few advantages though:

  • the flight time is not that bad
  • it comes with a transmitter
  • there’s two batteries in the package
  • it can fly in two folding modes
Camera Options
With Camera
Camera Resolution: 720p
Phone Controlled
Motor Type: Brushed
Optical Flow Stabilization
Battery Life: 7min
Flight Range: 100m
Micro SD Card
Drone Types

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Latest updates:
  • $79.99 - February 22, 2019
  • $79.98 - February 2, 2019
  • $79.99 - January 24, 2019
  • $84.99 - January 12, 2019
  • $89.99 - January 11, 2019
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  • Lowest Price: $79.98 - February 2, 2019

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HS220 compared to other drones

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Transmitter and flight

It’s a very good thing the drone comes with capable transmitter. I would never recommend you to learn flying a drone directly on a phone.

The tactile feedback of a transmitter makes things much easier and learning faster.

The drone flies quite well, it doesn’t come with optical flow stabilization like most of these newer ones do, but that only helps with learning how to fly.

It does have altitude hold, which means it comes with a barometer to keep it steady in the air at the same altitude.

The drone comes with standard controls, including:

  • trimming button
  • launch/land button
  • changing the flying mode between folded and unfolded
  • headless mode
  • record and picture button

The drone can fly in 2 speed modes, including sport mode which makes it faster and better for facing wind outside.

It can also do flips in the air just by the press of a button.

It’s a nimble quadcopter overall that has been quite a pleasure to fly even for me.


8.5 Total Score
A 1080 Drone cheaper than a Tello!

Thieye Dr X is definitely more than I expected. The 1080p camera does a great job on video, I would say even better when it comes to quality than the tello. Photos are very high resolution and it's also stable as it comes with Optical flow camera that keeps it stable.

Video Quality
Flight stability
Photo Quality
  • 1080p camera (incredible for the price)
  • small size
  • good build quality
  • optical flow camera stabilization
  • high resolution photos
  • artefacts when zooming in the video or photos
  • battery life is average
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