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hubsan x4 review

The Hubsan x4 is still a very popular choice for drone enthusiasts even in 2018! 
That’s because these drones were so well made the first time around that they became a staple of the quadcopter industry and I still would recommend you try one of these flying things for yourself.

Granted its low price point the Hubsan x4 provides an amazing flight experience in a sturdy mini-drone. 

As mentioned in the title, in this article I will review all the three models of the x4 drone.

The main differences between them are the camera functions and some other features that I’ll talk about bellow.

hubsand drone hohld in hands review

How does the Hubsan x4 Fly?

These drones are quite flawless when it comes to piloting and flying all over the place with ease. 

The controls are sensitive with instant responsiveness and the speed of flight and the yaw rate are quite impressive for this price range and quadcopter size. 

Every model can do flips and barrel rolls with ease, both inside and outside the house with a safe landing thanks to the rubber mounts on the bottom of the device that take impact absorption.

Hubsan x4 H107L

  • Perfect for beginners
  • No camera
  • Flight time: 7 minutes

Hubsan x4 H107C

  • Great camera quad
  • 0.3 mp camera
  • Flight time: 5 minutes

As you can see, the main difference between the two is the addition of a camera. The camera version is a few dollars more expensive, but if you’d like to fly for longer, the H107L is the better choice.

If you really worry that much about battery life I suggest you get additional ones that are even more powerful (520mAh).

These will allow for a flight time of over 10 minutes.

Controller for H107C and L

Both models come in the package with a 4 channel 2.4 Ghz Transmitter with the following feats:

  • LCD screen that displays trim settings and data
  • LED that indicates binding with the quadcopter
  • trimming buttons
  • dual mode ( begginer and expert flying modes) on the press of the stick

It has an adjustable rudder, elevator, and aileron trim to compensate for drift and make the drone hover in the same spot(if there’s no wind involved). 

The controls are instant and respond quick and the material used is plastic, although it doesn’t feel cheap. 

The transmitter requires 4 triple A batteries and can be bought separately if needed.

hubsan h107c-107L controller

Latest Hubsan x4: H107D with FPV

H107D Fpv Hubsan x4

This little guy is pretty much the same as the ones mentioned above, yet a whole new story altogether.

The experience can be fascinating for people who never used FPV before.

It is a perfect drone for beginners who want to experiment with FPV without goggles and in an affordable price range.

Bigger range

The Hubsan x4 H107D quad-copter can be piloted from a bigger distance (50-100 meters) thanks to its antenna attached on the bottom of the drone and the more advanced transmitter.

Hubsan x4 FPV Transmitter


This controller can be used with the H107C too but not for FPV, just recording.

 The Transmitter works with 5.8Ghz RX 2.4Ghz TX Remote Control and can transmit real time First Person View video from your H107D drone.

The distance for the FPV is a maximum of 100m. The quality of the video is quite good and there is no lag in the transmission.

The controller has the following features:

  • trimming buttons
  • normal and expert mode dual options(from the right stick)
  • Flight time: 5 minutes
  • 4 way tumble control for the drone
  • Micro SD card slot(this has been moved from the drone to the controller itself and it can record the video) – does not come with an included card

Tips And Tricks to use the controller

Hover over to check out

Turn off LEDs to save power

To turn the LEDs off or on you can press and hold the down(left) trim button(while the drone isn’t flying)

Camera quality

Only the H107C and H107D have cameras incorporated. Both standing at 0.3 px with hd 720p resolutions. the only difference is that one supports First Person View.

The camera on the H107D has an antenna under so it can send the live video information up to 100m.

Tip: make sure you press the “stop recording button on the remote before ending a flight so it doesn’t get corrupted.

Paul Archer

Battery and flight times

All the drones come with 380mAh Lipo batteries.

Estimated time for charging:30 min and flying time about 7-8 min

Tip: there’s a battery indicator on the controller of the H107D(FPV) showing the current voltage of the drone battery.

When it gets below 3.4v you should land the drone as it’s an indicator that the battery is about to die.

The transmitters all have AAA batteries except for the FPV one( which also consumes more energy). So the Fpv remote will burn through batteries a lot quicker than the other two.


One of the most popular mini-drones out there. A great choice for both beginners and experts who know how to fly a drone. The drones are small and mobile and the quality is great for this price range. Definitely a must buy for any enthusiast.

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