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Hubsan Zino 2 plus vs Zino Pro plus 

Comparison and which one to pick?

Choosing between the Zino 2 + vs the Zino Pro + can be more difficult than it appears, and that's why in this article we'll compare them in detail and see which one is better for your needs and budget.

The Hubsan Zino 2+ is more expensive but comes with a better quality camera , while the Zino Pro Plus comes with better battery life, lighter weight and cheaper price.

Let's see a table with all the specs side by side and get into more details for the important things you need to know about each of them (and even a side by side video comparison).

Specs Comparison (Zino 2 + vs Zino Pro +)

SpecsZino pro +Zino 2 +
Resolution4k4k 60 fps
Range8km 9km
ND filtersYESYES
Battery Life43 min35 min
GPSGps+ glonassGps+ glonass
Image chipA12sAmbarella H22
Bitrate60 Mbps100mbps
Sensor size1/3 inchsony 1/2.3 inch
GimbalNot detachableDetachable gimbal
Bottom sensorsVisual landing supportVisual landing support
Wind resistanceLevel 6Level 6
ControllerUpgraded JoystickUpgraded Joystick
Battery charging3 batt at once3 batt at once
Sport modeYes (23mph)Yes(48mph)
Added modestimelapse, dronie,fly to sky, 360 shootingtimelapse, panorana, circle, comet mode,waypoint, dronie
Battery size5000 mah3800 mah
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Zino 2 plus vs Zino Pro plus Camera comparison

The main reason you would want to pay more for the Hubsan Zino 2 plus is the better camera quality compared to the Zino Pro Plus and it can make all the difference for some of you.

So let's see why the better camera:

First of all, the Zino 2 Plus has a slightly larger sensor (1/2.3 vs 1/3 inches) which makes the low light images look better and gives more space for more pixels to be added for additional sharpness.

The Ambarella H22 sensor is also better than the A12s , which is another reason for which you pay a premium (but not really much more) for the Zino 2 Plus.

The higher bitrate of 100mbps of the Zino 2 Plus makes it more in tune with the modern drones from DJI, which means it has more bits of data to play with in the image itself.

Last but not least, the ability to record 4k in 60 fps of the H22 sensor makes this camera well on par with some of the best drones you can buy for this budget.



Range and Battery life Difference

This is probably the most surprising thing about these two drones, which is the battery life.

Strange enough, the cheaper Zino Pro Plus has a bigger battery and it lasts longer than the newer Zino 2 Plus.

The Zino 2 plus battery has 3800mAh and can last up to 35 minutes in flight, while the Zino Pro Plus has 5000 mAh and can fly for 43 minutes.

Both types of battery can be charged 3 at a time (one by one, but connected to the same multi charger), a feature which isn't found in the original drones.

In terms of range, both use the new and improved transmission system from Hubsan called SYNCLEAS, which makes them fly at about the same range, with the Zino 2 flying 9 km in range, while the Zino Pro Plus flying 8 km.

GPS and return to home

Both drones have the same GPS modules (including GLONASS satellite system) and have great flight stability.

Both drones have the same Level 6 wind resistance rating, yet in my experience, heavier drones can be more stable in the air, so the 150 gram difference in favor of the Zino 2 might make some difference.

Both drones come with visual landing support in the form of bottom facing sensors which make the landing more precise compared to previous models.

Flight modes

Both drones come with the basic follow me modes, including:

  • follow me
  • return to home
  • timelapse
  • circle
  • waypoints

The Zino 2 plus does come with a few additional ones like dronie and comet mode which can be quite fun to use.

Both drones have greatly improved from the initial generations of the Hubsan Zino and both the follow me and tracking are much more precise this time.

I also like to use line fly mode which allows you to fly the drone automatically in a straight line, but turn it around at the same time, which can get you a very unique creative dimension.

The price difference and which one to buy?

Both drones are absolutely great for beginners and you really can't find a lot of better quadcopters for this price.

If you are interested in getting the best image quality and want to focus on creating and editing videos and maybe even sell them, you have to pay slightly more and get the Hubsan Zino 2 Plus for sure.

However, if you're on a tighter budget and you're looking for longer flights, exploration and having fun with your first drone, the Zino Pro Plus should be your choice (as the Zino 2 might be overkill in this situation).

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