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Hubsan Zino Pro vs Zino Pro plus vs Zino 

Comparison and which one to pick?

It's understandable why you're confused. Hubsan has released so many versions of the Hubsan that you don't know what to pick.

In this article, I'll help you choose between the hubsan zino pro vs. the zino pro plus and the Hubsan Zino and see what the differences are between all of them.

Table Comparison (zino pro vs zino pro plus vs zino)

SpecsZino proZino pro +Zino
Range4KM8km 1km
Battery Life23 min43 min23 min
GPSGps+ glonassGps+ glonassGPS
Image chipA12sA12sA12
Bitrate60 Mbps60 Mbps60 Mbps
Sensor size1/3 inch1/3 inch1/3 inch
Wind resistanceLevel 5Level 6Level 5
ControllerUpgraded JoystickUpgraded JoystickJoystick
Battery chargingNormal3 batt at onceNormal
Sport modeYes (23mph)Yes (23mph)no(17 mph)
Added modestimelapse, dronie,fly to sky, 360 shooting
Battery size3000 mah5000 mah3000 mah
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Camera comparison

The cameras are quite similar between these 3 hubsan models, and the most significant change is between the two newer models (Zino pro and Zino pro+) and the older Hubsan Zino.
They come with 4k cameras and 3 axis gimbals, but the gimbal and sensors have been improved in the newer models.
The Professional versions both use the same new A12s sony sensor, which makes for slightly better image quality than the original.
Both the Zino Pro and Pro Plus have very similar image quality.

The Zino Pro and Pro + also come with an easy system of mounting ND filters on the cameras.

Range and Battery life

The most significant difference for this comparison is between the battery life and range of the Zino drones.

The original Hubsan Zino can fly for about 1km(0.6 miles) while the newer Zino Pro can fly for 4km(2.5 miles) using the new LEAS transmission system, and the Zino Pro Plus flies for 8km (5 miles) using an improved SYNCLEAS transmission.

Overall, even if you decide to fly line of sight or closer nearby, the longer the range of the drone, the better signal you'll have if there's interference.

Regarding battery life, the Hubsan Zino Pro Plus can fly for a whopping 43 minutes at a constant flight (and 39 minutes hovering), way more compared to the 23 minutes of both the Zino and the Zino pro.

This is possible thanks to a larger battery of 5000 mAh compared to the 3000 mAh used previously. As a result, the battery for the Zino Pro plus is also smarter, and you can charge 3 of them at the same time.

GPS and return to home

All three drones come with both GPS and return home. However, the two new drones (Zino Pro and Pro Plus) also come with another satellite system called GLONASS, making the flight more stable overall.

The Zino Pro Plus comes with IMU calibration, which can more accurately reset the GPS coordinates for more precise hovering if you experience toilet bowl effects.

Flight modes

The Hubsan Zino Pro Plus comes with a few additional flight modes compared to the other two, including dronie, fly to the sky (similar to dronie), timelapse, and 360 shooting.

I would say these drones aren't great additions as the main flight modes like panorama, orbit, and even follow me are present in all three drones. However, I must say from personal experience, the Follow me is better in the newer ones.

Transmitter difference between the Zino drones

The controller looks very similar, but there's a noticeable improvement in stick movement quality from the original Hubsan Zino. In addition, the Zino Pro and Zino Pro plus both come with a better transmitter. I had encountered a few issues while trying to pair the controller, so you might want to check out how to fix the connection between a drone controller and a drone in case the same happens to you.

The price difference and which one to buy?

Hubsan has pretty much replaced their older drones with the Zino Pro Plus, so this is the one you'll find the most on popular drone sites, while the older models are increasingly harder to find.

My winner is the Zino Pro Plus, because it comes with the best specs and the price is not far from the other two ($100 difference).

The Zino Pro is pretty hard to find as the Plus version has replaced it, yet you can still find the original Hubsan Zino on banggood.

In conclusion, there's not much choice to be made. The newer the better in the battle of the Zino Pro vs the Zino Pro plus and the original Hubsan Zino, the upgraded Zino Pro plus takes the win.

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