IBM Outsmarts Future Thieves of Drone-Delivered Packages Using Blockchain

IBM Outsmarts Future Thieves of Drone-Delivered Packages Using Blockchain

The future of e-commerce may involve fewer human intervention, even during deliveries. Studies and tests in the use of drones during deliveries are bringing us closer to this reality. However, futuristic delivery solutions still face a classic problem: theft.

Technology giant IBM may have just solved the potential issues of delivery drones getting hacked for theft. The company has been recently awarded a patent for a security system for delivery drones using blockchain technology.

The patent filing was published last October 2, 2019, on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website. The technology includes a program that monitors events that would determine potential security risks in the system.

However, a monitor in a typical system can easily be intruded by a hacker as the devices are independent of each other. The hackers can “clean up” past events and gain control of the delivery drones.

According to the document first filed by IBM back in September 2017, having all the monitors in a chain configuration will enable the system to detect any security breaches immediately. As these events are registered in the network, the system can prevent any further penetration and any other types of hacks.

A security system “living” on the blockchain can easily flag a hacked monitor by checking all existing copies of the secured monitors in the chain. Any information received during specific events or transactions that differ from what is expected may signify a compromised monitor.

The security system will take advantage of the same technology that makes cryptocurrency secure. Monitor systems implemented in blockchain technology will create a less vulnerable network and provide enhanced security.

According to Coin Telegraph, IBM is one of the leading research bodies with the most blockchain-related patents filed. They are almost tied with the Chinese e-commerce behemoth, Alibaba. IBM currently has 89 patents, while Alibaba has 90.

IBM is combining innovations in security and blockchain technology to make drones more viable for commercial use in the near future. They also filed another patent in September that uses blockchain to improve privacy rules for drones during high-risk communications with UAVs.

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