JJPR X5 EPIK review - My favorite cheap GPS drone

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I got the JJPRO x5 at the end of 2018 and it felt awfully similar to the MJX bugs 5w, which is another great drone.

It proved to be the exact same: a great moving camera, super stable GPS with powerful brushless motors for an even cheaper price.

So now this is on my top recommendations list all over the place. I'm telling you, you won't regret buying this drone, can't really find something better for this price.

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What to look for in a camera drone

Image stability

This is probably the most important factor when choosing a camera drone. You want the image to be as steady as possible. 

Shaky footage won't ever be cinematic, at least not when it comes to drones.

The JJPRO doesn't come with a gimbal, but it does have jello effect dampeners and the fact that it's very stable in the air, it also contributes to the overall stability of the video.

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You should look for the following in a drone if you want good image stability:

  • A 2 or preferably 3 axis gimbal is the best possible way to stabilize a camera. It's usually found in more expensive builds.
  • Electronic image stabilization. Drones like Parrot Bebop 2 or even the cheaper Tello have it.
  • Get yourself a GO Pro drone and use a very stable Action cam with electronic or optical image stabilization!
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Battery Life

It's obvious why you'd want more battery life in a drone. But it's even more important for a camera drone, as you'll need enough time to position it in the air so that you finish taking your shots and videos.

The battery life is exactly the same as for the MJX Bugs 5w and even a little more than the DJI Spark

Drone GPS and stabile flight

You can take very nice shots with a drone that only has the previous items we've talked about, but if you want to be stress free... having a stable drone or GPS is the way to go.

I have tested the precision of the Bugs 5w and the results are quite satisfying. The return to home distance from the initial point is about 1m or so. and when it comes to staying in the air, you can easily drink your coffee in peace while it flies by itself.

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Besides that, drones with GPS also come with useful functions like return to home and follow me, that can be super useful for saving time and money.

  • Drones with GPS
    • great for stability at higher altitudes and distances
    • Safer with RTH options and if battery is too low
  • Drones with Optical flow cameras
    • much cheaper
    • holds position pretty well under 20m height
    • can work indoors too

JJPRO X5 Price and specs

The price for the JJPRO varies a lot from seller to seller. From what I've noticed, Gearbest has the best prices, somewhere around $120. 

You can also get it from Amazon, at a reasonable price and with less waiting time usually.

When it comes to specs, in my experience it cannot be beat by any other, not even the top drones from MJX.

It's true, it lacks a stabilized gimbal, but for that you'd have to pay at least 300-400 USD for the drone, and it gets  


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Here's a dainly price history for the jjpro so you know if now is the right time to buy it.

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JJPRO x5 video review


Transmitter and camera

bugs5w transmitter

The transmitter is the same as for the MJX bugs 5w, it has a wheel to control the camera angle, a return to home button, photo and video buttons and even the ability to turn off the GPS just to practice normal unstablizied flying.



The camera has small servos/motor inside that moves the angle slowly in a 90 degree angle.

1080 bugs camera 1

Photo samples

These are photos taken either inside at arms lenght or outside. I wanted to show you how good the camera is for photo details and the wide angle of it.

I really like the wider field of view, as it captures quite a lot in terms of landscapes.

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