JJRC H11wh drone review( cheap, but high quality) 2020 update

Battery Life

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This JJRC H11wh review is going to be as honest as possible, and therefore I'll be featuring both the advantages and disadvantages of the drone.

Being an upgraded version of the previous model, it's rather new and has a few interesting features that make it worth the money.

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jjrc h11 wh specs wi fi

Drone Specs and flights time around

The altitude hold feature helps it hover well better than most drones I've flown at this price range and the camera also has some nice feats I'll talk about in a moment.

In case you don't want to go through this entire article, I've also made a video review where I go over all the features and details.

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What's in the package?


The pacakge I got from gearbest.com arrived well and it contained pretty much all that one could need. However, if you want to fly this for longer than a few months, I recommend you to get some spare motors (that can be easily changed) and an extra battery or two.


Here are the contents of the package:

  • the quadcopter itself
  • a 360p camera that can be attached to it
  • a very well built transmitter
  • the battery
  • a set of spare propellers
  • landing legs
  • prop guards
  • charging USB cable
  • a small screwdriver

Battery and power

Judging by the battery size, I was pretty disappointed and expected a very limited flying time.


However, the battery actually has 1100 mAh ( 3.7 v). The lower voltage makes it a bit less powerful than other drones like the MJX x600, but it can fly for quite some time.

But even so, I must say it flies pretty good in speed mode (there are 3 flying modes).


Design and durability

I was very impressed with how this drone presented itself on the outside.


I'm not talking so much about the design, but rather more about the materials, which are pretty damn good.It's covered in a rubbery(in a good way) plastic that makes it look very premium and more sturdy.

And when it comes to sturdiness, I've tested that too! Advice: don't fly it inside the house at all!I also tested it by hitting a few trees in the forest (cuz I wanted too, of course) and it didn't even get a scratch.

I give it a 10/10 when it comes to durability, and remember I don't even use the prop guards.A very useful and unique addon is the fact that you have easy access to the motors through specially made compartments so you can change them in case any of them gets damaged.

When it comes to lighting, this drone has it all. There's 5 green LEDs on each side, a big angry red “eye' in front and 2 blue ones in the back.It just can't be lost out of sight at night.



The controller is made from the same high quality material as the drone and it's an actual pleasure to hold in the hands.

I like the design of it even more that the drone itself and it's very smooth to the touch.

A nice thing for newbies is that the control scheme is very well thought out by having clear instructions on what each button does right on the transmitter itself.It requires 3 AAA batteries to work and it doesn't have an LCD screen like most others do.

That's really not a problem in most cases. However, it does feature a flip bracket where the phone can be inserted and put into FPV mode.

There are also speciffic buttons for Photo and video capture and also an SD card slot, but they don't work on this WI-FI version. However, when you connect the Phone to the remote, you can use the app and the phone storage space for videos.

Of course it comes with trimming buttons for all directions, in case your aircraft tends to fly off in a certain way, so you can trim it back to stability.

It has a dedicated START/STOP button to power the motors, after which you'll have to move the left stick upward for take off.

There's also a Headless mode feature that can get you out of trouble if you lost the direction your quadcopter is facing, and it actually works pretty great.

The same button functions as a one key return if you press it for like 2 seconds.The gyros on the drone can also be easily calibrate by the press of a button.

Speaking about gyros, this is an altitude hold quadcopter, so it's only fair to talk about how smooth it can hover and maintain a constant height from the ground. It is indeed the most stable toy drone I've flown until now.


The controller has 2 buttons that, when pressed, change the camera angle in the respective direction(up and down).

This can be very useful for when you want to take a glimpse of yourself, or want to catch a different angle.And I really mean it!

One thing that I hated, on most toy camera drones, is that the camera angle was always the same and I had a very difficult time getting the shots I wanted.


Camera Quality

I was more than impressed with this particular camera.


The footage isn't HD and don't expect much quality from it, but I liked the fact it didn't have any jello and the stability of the drone made for a very well stabilized video, compared to other cheap toys, that is.

I would not use this as a reliable source for recording though, as it's more of a “fun” camera than a high quality one.The ability to change the camera angle mid-flight made for quite some fun shots with myself and it actually felt more like a Dji Phantom than a toy.

The FPV function, just like on most other drones at this price range, has some slight lag, which doesn't make for a good racing drone.

But the live feed transmission is very helpful when trying to adjust the camera so you can get the perfect footage.

These being said, I do recommend this quadcopter for people who want to experience a more stable and longer flight. The build quality is very good and the camera is the most entertaining one I used so far.


JJRC h11wh

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