JJRC H47 vs JXD 523 Tracker: Battle of the cheap selfie drones

With the current obsession for smaller and smaller drones, at the end of 2017, some foldable and cheap models have started to appear, mostly copying the idea behind drones like the Dobby, JJRC H47 and JXD Tracker being two of the most talked about.

This is going to be both an individual review and comparison between the two, so it’s easier for you to pick between them.

JJRC H47 Elfie Plus

jjrc elfie h47
  • 720p HD camera​
  • Altitude hold
  • Arms Click at the end(more secure)
  • Adjustable camera
  • Easy to change battery
  • Awesome G sensor controller
  • Loses altitude sometimes
  • 500 mAh battery
  •  6 min flight time
  •  80m range

JXD 523 Tracker

  • Smaller (just a bit)​
  • Altitude hold (that's even better than JJRC)
  • Cheaper
  • Camera is fixed
  • Resolution only 480p
  • 550 mAh battery
  •  7 min flight time
  •  80m range

JJRC H47 Elfie+ Review

This tiny drone is a newer model of the older yet very popular h37 Elfie model.

It comes with an improved camera, and different aesthetics.

How much is the camera better compared to the JJRC H37?

The new JJRC H47 has an HD 720p camera that is a considerable improvement from the previous model.

It also can be manually adjusted beforehand so you can get the angle that you want easier.

Of course, the camera isn’t stabilized, but nobody was expecting at a price point of $50 or so.

And by the way, you can get it 18% cheaper from here  if you enter the coupon code: RC18OFF

What other special feature does the Elfie PLUS have?

I’m not going to get into other details like battery life and range, because I’m going to compare these next with the Tracker drone.

But I must say I like how the battery is built, which allows for easier taking off and insterting than standard ones.

It also features some badass lights, especially useful for when it’s darker outside and you want to see the drone, or just fly it like it is, not like a camera quadcopter.Just for fun.

The JJRC H47 transmitter

This is a nice addition to the package, as I find myself most of the time using the transmitter to pilot it instead of the app itself.

I usually connect the drone to the transmitter and the to the app, so I can also have a live view when I’m flying.

transmitter for jjrc

Although, I must say that it’s distracting sometimes to have both hands occupied.

The controller is using gravity sensors for moving the drone forward, backward, left or right and it’s very easy to use.

The joystick on top handles throttle and yawing(rotation) while the trigger in front changes between the 3 flight modes available. So it changes from beginner mode, that only uses 30% of its power, to sport, that uses 100%.

JXD 523 Tracker review

This quadcopter I found to be very stable when flying, even more so than the JJRC, even though both should have altitude hold sensors.

It’s basically the same size as the drones mentioned before, and it could pretty much be mistaken as a smartphone.

This means you can put this in your pocket, next to your phone and whenever the need arises, take it out and fly it with the app through wifi.

How does the JXD tracker fly?

First of all, it can be flown only by using the app on the phone and either stick controlls on the screen or through the gravity sensors of your phone.

This means the drone will track the movements you do with your smartphone, therefore the name “Tracker”.

In terms of stability, I can’t emphasize enough how stable it is thanks to that altitude holdbarometer.

It’s very easy to fly and doesn’t constantly adjust its position.

Does it have other special features?

It’s very similar in this regard to the other drones and doesn’t really have many gimmicks to it.

But I enjoy the fact that there’s also an easily accessible button to turn on and off.

The battery this time is a standard lipo one, that’s pretty universal, which can be good if you have spare ones, or bad because it’s harder to connect to the drone.

More on this bellow.

JJRC H47 vs JXD 523 - Which is better for you

Before starting, let me put an emphasis on an important difference.

The price for the JJRC drone is twice as much.

kkrc drone is slightly bigger than the jxd 523

At this price range, 20 dollars is going to make a big difference usually.

However, the JXD 523 still holds a strong position.

As you can see bellow there’s no comparison in camera quality, as one is 720p HD and the other 480p.

And by the way, you can get it 18% cheaper from here  if you enter the coupon code: RC18OFF

resolution comparison

However, I must admit that in almost any other way, the JXD is the same drone.

I personally like the additional JJRC controller because it’s a lot of fun to use, but I’m also very happy about the improved stability of the JXD drone.

So, as a conclusion, if you’re going to buy one of these drones to capture images and video, go for the JJRC.

If you’re only planning to try out your first drone and want just to have some fun flying, both are great options. However keep in mind that the JXD 523 is half the price.


I'm a big drone enthusiast, the owner of DronesGator.com and I also make weekly videos on my drone YouTube channel.

  1. Excellent comparison review! Very helpful

  2. Hey! I came across your review and I recently bought myself a JXD 523 selfie drone. I have a bit of a technical issue. The whole reason I got this was to fly it up to take photos and videos but I realised that the media is being saved in the app’s gallery. Do you have any idea how I can save this into my iPhone’s camera roll? Because otherwise, it will be pretty useless if the media is just stuck in the app’s gallery. Hope you can help!

    • Hey, You can use an app to transfer files to your computer like “shareIt” or “webpcsuite” and you’ll be able to see the folders there with the photos and videos you took with the drone.

  3. Molto.utile

  4. Good rewew!!

  5. Hello Paul,I have issues with my Drone JXD 523, seem like a setting problem. Its well connected to Wifi. The propeller wouldn’t turn. I used it just once and its kept in a safe place. What is the problem?

    Please I would expect your candid feedbacks

    • Hello, David!

      Make sure the battery is charged and you press the “start” button on the phone app. If you don’t see an image on the screen, it means the drone hasn’t connected.

  6. Hi, I have an issues with the wifi connection, unable to connect. How do I solve this problem? I’m using iphone and android, still the same

  7. Having problems connecting, even when wifi tells me I have a very strong signal. Any suggestions. It is with an Android smart phone. However being said, was able to operate on friend’s IPhone. Not buying IPhone

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