JJRC H78G/KK10S drone review - GPS, long flight and under $100

Battery Life

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These two drones will be captured under one review, as they're basically the same, besides the different canopy look.

Both the JJRC H78G and the KK10S have features that are absolutely incredible for their price.

I'm talking about things like GPS, long range, a ton of battery life and even smart return to home.

Did I even mention the 1080p wide angle camera?

Overall, they're not perfect, but you should read more to check if this is a drone good for your needs. Because it's definitely worth the price.

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What to look for in A camera drone

Drone stability

Usually, when it comes to more advanced camera drones, they come with a way to stabilize the drone on the spot. I'm talking about GPS or optical flow cameras.


Battery life

Battery life for camera drones should be at least 10 minutes per flight.

Take in account spare batteries!

JJRC H78G ➜  15min is more than enough for this size


Flight range can really change what sorts of images you can capture.

JJRC H78G ➜  300m (200m wifi range)



Camera resolution isn't everything. Colors, sharpness and bitrate are very important for the overall image.

JJRC H78G ➜  1080p, video sample bellow


JJRC H78G - Price and specs

The price for these drones can be as low as under $90 on sites like BangGood.

If you want faster shipping, you can get it from Amazon with a slightly more expensive price.

Even so, if I was to aproximate the price for this drone strictly judging by specs, I would have considered it to be somewhere around $150.

And the pacakge it comes with is also pretty complete:

  • you're getting a nice carrying case
  • one 7.4v 900mAh battery
  • Prop guards for indoors flight
  • motor mount replacements
  • screwdriver
  • micro usb cable
  • controller
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JJRC H78G Video Review

In this video, Quadcopter101 reviews the drone while also doing a range test and battery life test.

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Camera quality

Although there is a very strong resemblance to the DJI spark, don't expect a stabilized Gimbal at this price. 

The camer is indeed 1080p and has quite a wide field of view, meaning it can capture quite a lot of the landscape.

Unfortunately it does come with a disadvantage:

It doesn't come with a micro SD card slot, which means it will send the video directly to the phone and save it there.

Also keep in mind that you need to have a phone that comes with 802.11ac wifi. Search for you phone specs here.




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The transmitter for these drones is quite unique, as you can see. There's no  other similarly priced quad that also comes with a telemetry screen in the middle.

This is nice because you'll be able to see the distance the drone is at even if the video signal will disconnect.

The antennas are indeed fake, but they look good. And overall the transmitter is pretty small and can fit your phone at the bottom.



C-Fly Dream alternatives (similar price)


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