MJX Bugs 12 Review

Updated in 2021

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mjx bugs 12 review

MJX Bugs 12 is one of the newly released drones in the market that offers an attractive price of below $200 if you're lucky

It's made for people looking for a foldable drone with a stabilized camera that can take some beating and teach you how to fly properly before you get a more expensive one.


Unlike its more expensive counterparts like the DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2, Bugs 12 also has specs like 3840K camera, electronic image stabilization, and follow-me flight mode that could be a great start for beginners trying to learn the art of drone flying. 

But is it really worth the hype and worth its price? Follow me as I give you a detailed discussion of its specs and features.

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MJX Bugs 12 Specs and Features

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In this part we’re going to talk about this bad boy’s new specs and how it is going to change the game for the drone industry. Does it offer a new feature that some old models don’t have? We’ll find out more about that here….

Difference Between MJX Bugs 12 and MJX Bugs 20

MJX RC launched these two models in September 2020. Bugs 20 has a more professional look while Bugs 12 is more futuristic. Aside from design, the main contrasting feature between the two is the camera. 

Both Bugs 12 and Bugs 20 have electronic image stabilization but an extra feature like 1-axis gimbal comes with Bugs 20, giving you distortion-free still photos and videos. Being a GPS drone with 4K camera, these two are some of the go-to drones for good footage if your budget is below $200.

mjx bugs 12 vs mjx bugs 20
Image by Half Chrome

They have the same battery power at 7.6V with 3400Ah, however, Bugs 12’s flight time is slightly longer at 24 min compared to that of Bugs 20 at 22 min mainly due to the latter’s higher energy consumption.

Battery Life

As mentioned, Bugs 12’s battery of 7.6V with 3400 gives it a 24-minute run, quite longer than Bugs 20. But if you want to extend its longevity, you may opt to buy an extra battery for longer flying time.

Range (Flight Distance)

Its range varies from 450 to 600m depending on the strength of the signal reception in the area.

GPS Stability

Aside from its GPS system, I noticed that its optical flow sensors and altitude also contribute to maintaining its stability. You could go as fast as 25 to 40 kph without sacrificing the stability due to its 2204 1620 brushless motors.

Does it come back after losing signal?

Yes. It has a return-to-home mode that also allows you to monitor its height and distance through a smart controller with LCD screen. With the help of your smartphone, you can also view it via live streaming. You can also control its various flight modes such as the headless modefollow you, and the orbit.

The only downside with its flight mode is that it’s not vision-based unlike its more expensive counterparts. But when it comes to getting the job done, its features are above the bare-minimum.

How much does it weigh?

MJX Bugs 12 weighs about 550g, thus, it requires FAA registration.

MJX Bugs 12 Camera, Footage and Photos


In this section we're taking a look at the camera, how the photos look, what my experience with it is and why you should care.

mjx bugs 12 camera

How good are the footage and photos

Let’s be honest: it is nowhere near the camera specs of DJI Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2. But considering its price range of below $200, it has a lot to offer. Its camera can capture 3840 x 2160 videos at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps. You can also adjust the angle using a remote controller and watch it real-time in 720p resolution.

Camera Features

Other additional features are the electronic image stabilization, optical flow sensors, and altitude hold that help maintain its stability.

It also has a lens angle of 130°, focal length of 2.8mm, and aperture of f/2.0. Its shutter speed is at 1/30s-1/10000s and its ISO range is from 100 to 3,200.

What camera resolutions does the MJX Bugs 12 record in?

It can record at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 in 30 fps or 1080p in 60 fps. If you want to save more photos and videos, I highly advise you to use an SD card for a more optimum quality. But if you want to save space, you may save the footage directly to your smartphone at a lower quality. 

What smartphones work with it?

Regardless of your phone, whether it’s Android or Apple, you can control the MJX Bugs 12 as long as you download the Bugs GO app. It’s available in both Play Store and Apple Store.

Design and Flight Modes


In this section I'll discuss Bugs 12's design and the various flight modes that come with it. 

We're heading towards the end, so just stick around!


Fair enough to its price, Bugs 12’s look is quite impressive. It gives me that sleek, futuristic vibe. It measures 440 x 400 x 81mm. It is also made of high-quality plastic, making it lighter and more resistant to minor accidents.

It has landing pads that are located at the end of its rotor arms while the camera is on the front side. The four LED lights situated under each of its brushless motors can also help you fly at night.

Bugs 12 design

How fast can the MJX Bugs 12 fly?

For its price and size, the control flight experience is generally smooth-flowing. It has 2204 1620 kV-powered brushless motors, giving it a maximum speed of 40 kph or 25 mph. That’s relatively slower than DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2, but again, considering its price, it’s relatively good. It also has a level-4 wind resistance.

What flight modes does the Bugs 12 have?


I’m actually surprised to know that given its price, MJX Bugs 12 has plenty of flight modes to choose from. However, these are not vision-based systems like those of more expensive drones, but as long as they serve the purpose, it’s good.

  1.     Tap-to-Fly Mode – Allows the drone to fly on its own at a chosen percentage location you’ve set
  1.     Orbit Mode – Revolves around an object you specified
  1.     Follow-Me / Headless Mode – Drone will follow and record an object of your choice while maintaining distance from it
  1.     Return-to-Home Mode – Automatically goes back to your chosen home location before it runs out of power

 Through the LCD screen in your smart controller, you can view all relevant information such as height and distance while the drone is operating. You also have the option to watch it via livestream on your smartphone.

Price, Manual and Instructions


In this section we're drawing the conclusions and reaching out to tutorials on how to fly it, where to buy it (cheapest or fastest) and much more.

I suggest you read till the end.

Who should buy it?

The main selling point of this drone is its attractive price of $189. As such, it is perfect for budget-friendly customers who are just starting to learn drone flying. It is also recommended for beginners who are looking for something to train with.

I would highly recommend this drone to:

  •         Students
  •         Young professionals with video-editing jobs
  •         Hobbyists
  •         Travelers
  •         Land surveyors

Where to buy it from?

Although it has just been released to the market on September 25, 2020, you could already find MJX Bugs 12 in various online selling sites. I curently recommend Banggood, as it seems to be in stock.

Paul Posea
Paul Posea

Hi, I'm a long-time drone reviewer and I hope my articles and comparisons on this site as well as Dronesgator's youtube channel are of as much help as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the MJX Bugs 12 have electronic image stabilization (EIS)?

Yes! This feature is what sets this drone apart from other below $200 models. This is perfect for beginners who are on tight budget but want to have stable shots. 

How long does MJX Bugs 12's battery last?

It could last up to 24min, slightly longer than the 22-min longevity of Bugs 20.

Can you fly the drone without connecting to the wifi and app?

No, this is a bit strange, but this drone cannot be flown without connect it to the app.

Is it legal to fly in US?
Yes it is legal to fly it in the US, but you will need a permit for it (because it's over 250grams).
You also need to respect the limit of 120m altitude.
Can it be used for professional video/photo?
No, this drone isn't really in the professional cateogry, you need to invest a bit more to get into that range.
Does it have altitude hold?
Yes, the drone does have both a barometer and sonar for maintaining altitude.
Does it come with a case?

Yes, the drone does come with a great case included.

Bugs 12 camera

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