MJX Bugs 3h review – an upgrade to my favorite GoPro drone 0 1173

The bugs 3 from MJX was a total hit when it was launched.

A drone with brushless motors and good quality components for under $100? GIMME!

However, MJX hasn’t been sitting on their ass lately, and this time they have improved a bit on that model by adding an altitude hold function and changing some aesthetics.

This article will help you decide if it’s worth it for you to buy!

  • Flying Time: 12-14 min
  • Charging time:40-60 min
  • Altitude hold
  • Battery 7.4v 1800mAh
  • Flying Distance: 300m
  • Camera: any action cam/Gopro
  • Can come with it's own 1080p cam

Before we dive deeper into details, let me tell you that if you already have a perfectly functional Bugs 3, it’s pretty much not worth investing in this new upgraded version.

But otherwise, it might be the best drone those money can buy!

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I have also made a video review on my youtube channel (that you should subscribe to).

The video is going to be embedded down bellow, so happy reading!



  • Very stable flyer
  • Comes with a pretty good camera( can also use another action cam)
  • Huge range (300m)
  • Very fast and fun to fly in sport mode
  • Can do fast flips
  • Brushless motors are powerful and very durable


  • It's not that big of an upgrade from the last model
  • I wish the camera signal had the same range as the drone itself.

The main problem with the drone right now is for people who already have the bugs 3. It’s simply not worth to buy it for the altitude hold improvement. But if you don’t have it, it’s perfect for your action cam.

If you want to pay a little less, check out my original bugs 3 review.It’s a fantastic drone!

MJX Bugs 3h vs other GoPro drones

The bugs 3h has no real comparison in the drone world. Most action camera drones either don’t have brushless motors, yet are as cheap as the Bugs 3h or they do have good motors and even GPS, but are way more expensive. I’m talking about $150 more. 

More expensive gopro drones, over $250 usually, also tend to come with GPS, which is a benefit compared to the Bugs 3h, however, people have different bugdets, and there simply aren’t any other better drones to compare with the BUGS 3h at this price range.

In the meantime I recommend you to read the following article (will open in a new tab).

Mjx Bugs 3h - unboxing

You’re getting quite a lot in the package with this drone. Right now you can find both the quadcopter with the mjx camera in the package or the version without a camera (so you can add your own action cam).

What you’re getting in the package:

  • 1 quadcopter
  • 8 propellers
  • 1 1800mAh battery
  • Instruction manual + transmitter button scheme
  • key for prop removal + screwdriver
  • prop guards
  • balance charger + charging cable
The 720p camera I have comes separately, although can be bought along with the drone.
I’d recommend you get the 1080p package, for about $5 more.

My video review on the Bugs 3H - youtube

I’ll update the article with new links as soon as the quadcopter can be bought by itself(without the camera).

In the video bellow I have unboxed and reviewed the entire drone along with some video fotage both from the original c5000 mjx camera and my SJCAM sj7 action cam.

Best action cameras for Bugs 3h

These are my best camera choices for under $150 that are also very good (i’m talking as good as a gopro  hero 4). There’s a video comparison between the three down bellow.

Aproximative price: $130

Firefly 8S 4k camera

This wins the first spot for me when it comes to action cameras for drones in general. This is because of its incredible video stabilisation.

  • best video stabilization
  • records 4k 30fps
  • 170 degrees recording
  • 1080P / 120fps
  • Chipset: Ambarella A12S75  (one of the best on the market)
  • has downloadable FPV app

SJcam SJ7 - my current cam

This is a very capable camera overall with a very good build. I recommend it for a great “general use” action cam. The footage is well stabilized, but not as good as the Firefly mentioned earlier.

  • best build quality
  • records 4k 30fps
  • 166 degrees recording
  • 1080P / 120fps
  • Chipset: Ambarella A12S75  (one of the best on the market)
  • can see live feed on phone

Aproximative price: $150

Aproximative price: $120

ThiEYE T5e 4k

This is the cheapest of the 3, yet comes with the same sensor, so it pretty much records the same. It comes with good video stabilisation, but the build quality is a little bit 

  • cheapest (yes still great quality)
  • records 4k 30fps
  • 170 degrees recording
  • 1080P / 120fps
  • Chipset: Ambarella A12S75  (one of the best on the market)
  • can see live feed on phone
  •  has super wide view mode

How good is the Bugs 3h original camera?

If you want to get the standard package, with the included camera, you’ll have to choose between 2 versions: the c5000(720p) and c6000(1080p).

Always choose the 1080p version, because it’s only $10 more expensive and has 5 mp instead of 2 AND the higher resolution.

Pluses and minuses of getting the original camera


  • Don't need to charge it (works from the drone battery)
  • pretty damn cheap package( you pay about $50 for the full HD cam)
  • View range is better
  • works with the original MJX app


  • Drains the drone battery a little faster(because it doesn't charge beforehand)
  • Lower quality footage (max 1080p)
  • doesn't have image stabilization


The bugs 3h doesn't dissapoint. With a good action camera, you can do wonders. It's incredibly good for the price

Flight Stability


Camera Quality

Battery life


Alternative camera drones I would recommend

The Bugs 3 might actually not be the best choice for you, especially if you’re a beginner. It’s a very powerful quadcopter, so here I’ll present you a few alternatives you might like.

Xiaomi Mitu - stable beginner drone with HD cam

This drone is priced under $80, yet has some incredible features including sonar and image sensors for stabilization. 

It’s simply perfect to start learning the controls of a drone, and the best selfie/ video drone under that price.

Keep in mind tho that It only goes as far as 50m.

In the meantime I recommend you to read the following article (will open in a new tab).

MJX Bugs 3

bugs 3 with action camera

If you’re not really that excited about the altitude hold feature of the bugs 3H, then you can always go for the BUGS 3 original, that is probably so cheap right now that it’s simply insane!

Almost the same features as this one. No need to get it in a package with the camera, and all for under $80.

In the meantime I recommend you to read the following article (will open in a new tab).

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