MJX Bugs B20 drone review

Updated in 2021

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MJX Bugs B20 Review

For a budget drone, the MJX Bugs B20 offers EIS and shoots in 4K which is a big plus for anyone not having money for the costlier prosumer drones. Besides, the drone is less than $200. At over 500 grams remember to have it registered as is required in most countries

You can find it quite cheap if you know where to look, but the price might increase with time since it's currently in a promotion when it was released.

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MJX Bugs B20 Specs and Features

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In this section we're going to go over what the Bugs 20 has in terms of specs and features and what you should look for in 2021.

Storage and Specs

Drone video footage does record onto a micro SD card located at the front. The drone’s sensor records at 50MB/S so you can slot in a good quality SD card. You can record a 4K quality video with a U3 card of 128 GB. 

An optical flow sensor at the bottom helps in indoor flight and outdoor flight stability. An ultra-clear 130-degree wide-angle camera view with a pitch rotation of 0 to 90 is what you get to enjoy. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi image return limits the user-drone distance to 450 meters. 

In-depth specs

  • 5G Wifi
  • GPS positioning system
  • 4K 1/3″ Cmos sensor, 90-degree angle adjustment, ESI
  • 3840×2160@30fps & 1080P@60fps of video recording
  • 22 minutes of flight time
  • Optical air flow sensors

MJX Bugs B20 Battery life

bugs b20 battery

The Bugs B20 has a 3400mAh high-performance rechargeable battery that should support a 22-minute flight mode.

Actual flight time might be lower due to various factors like wind strength, mode of flight, flight with landing lights on, and several other factors. The batteries are charged by a standard USBC cable.

Range (Flight Distance)

When on 5G flight mode one can achieve a range of 500m when using certain smartphones. Generally, the distance of flight on a WiFi drone varies with your environment. If you put trees and buildings in between your drone, the range shortens.

Powerful 1620KV brushless motors but the drone will struggle when exposed to powerful windy conditions.

GPS stability

The Follow Me mode for this drone works great unless you have a software or phone issue that relies on your smartphone GPS.

The Return to home features works with a decent amount of accuracy to the original price.

Does it come back after losing the signal?

When flying the drone, the Wi-Fi signal reconnects immediately when it gets lost. Ensure you are using a phone with 802.11 ac wifi. The controller maintains control up to 600 meters.

MJX Bugs max-height

The Bugs B20 advertises a max altitude of 120m. This is more than enough for most shots.

MJX Bugs B20 Camera, Footage and Photos


In this section we're taking a look at the camera, how the photos look, what my experience with it is and why you should care.

mjx bugs b20 camera

The drone does not have a 3 axis gimbal but has a dampening system that helps lower camera vibrations during flight. Meanwhile, the motorized camera moves up and down. The electronic image stabilization (EIS) feature is probably one of the major highlights for a low-budget drone like this. When on 5G WIFI 4K HD there is a slight image transmission delay that is worth pointing out.

If you are in cinematography, the drone can deliver good tripod-mode like video footage. To capture the best footage, then move slowly and steadily while in cinema mode. Any rapid turns will make the footage jerky.

How is the MJX Bugs B20 versus the ZLRC SG906 pro 2

Although they have a different size build, many people compare the Bugs 20 with the SG906 pro since they are similarly priced and come with stabilized cameras. Let's see what the differences are:

What are the best accessories for it?

You can buy the drone with the FPV Goggles set. 

What extra features does the drone come with?

The drone normally comes with one battery meaning you must request the extra battery version before ordering. Within the casing are the props which you have to manually install by screwing and mounting the plastic cap. You also get a screwdriver and a USB cable for charging your drone.  

Price, Manual and Instructions


In this section we're drawing the conclusions and reaching out to tutorials on how to fly it, where to buy it (cheapest or fastest) and much more.

I suggest you read till the end.

MJX Bugs B20 build quality

mjx bugs b20 motors

The MJX B20 is not a foldable drone and doesn’t meet the description of a small drone. To be accurate, it fits a medium-sized drone description. Weighing at 555 grams, it is way heavier than drones like the DJI Mini 2 which has better features but at a higher price. The controller is quite similar to that of Bugs B7.

Who should buy it (is it worth the price)?

Compared to its predecessors, the MJX B20 EIS has more intelligent flight modes.  It has the Follow Me mode and orbit around an object. The WayPoint mode is present in the drone as well as other MJX Bugs drones.  
I think the electronic image stabilization is a plus for this drone 
I wouldn’t consider this drone as a pocket drone given the size, in addition to several other structural shortcomings such as non-folding arms, non-folding props, a rigid landing pad, and lack of a 3-axis gimbal is no excuse for a drone of this size and price. 

Where to buy it from?

You can order the MJX Bugs B20 EIS on Banggood or Amazon. The delivery time is dependant on your location and the country where you made the order. 

P.S. Stick around till the end to get some of my tips on it.

In this section, we're going to go over what its main specs are and how it is relevant in the current context of drone technology?

Paul Posea
Paul Posea

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Frequently asked questions

Can I fly the MJX Bugs B20 in low light?

The bottom landing lights add to the green and red arm led lights adding to the visibility when flying in low light situations. 

Max height of the Bugs b20?
Does it have altitude hold?
Yes, the drone comes with both GPS and altitude hold.
What's the max range of the Bugs 20?

It can fly up to 1km in perfect conditions and you need a 5G phone for it to work.

mjx bugs 20 drone

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This was my Bugs B20 drone review.