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MJX Mew4 drone review – brushless GPS foldable

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Camera 2k
Battery life 20 min
Stabilization No Stabilization
Range 500 m
battery life
build quality
+ Positives:
  • god battery life
  • foldable design
  • moving camera
- Negatives:
  • camera not stabilized
What To expect from this review?

Th MJX Mew4 is a drone that frankly looks on par with much more expensive drones, but it's actually quite cheap.

It definitely looks like a mix between the Parrot Anafi and the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

However, don't expect that high level performance from it.

Because, although it has a really nice build quality and great GPS, the camera lacks stabilization.

The camera records up to 2k in resolution, however that doesn't mean the footage is going to look much better than the 1080p.

MJX Mew4 Specs and Features (vs competition)

It's not easy to choose from the thousands of drones for sale.

But one good starting point is to have someone with a lot of experience giving you a thumbs up if the drone is actualy worth the money and where you can actually buy it.

Click on the tabs bellow to answer a few of these questions.

Camera 2k
Battery life 20 min
Camera Stabilization No Stabilization
Range 500 m
Format Foldable Drone
Drone Type Beginner Drone
Transmitter Remote + 5G Phone (802.11ac)
Weight Over 250g
GPS Comes with GPS
Obstacle Avoidance Stability sensors underneath
Speed Over 20 km/h
Motors Brushless

Battery Life

The battery life for the Mew4 is a slight improvement from the other MJX drones, probably thanks to the lighter body.

There currently aren't any spare batteries to buy separately.

Compared to other drones in the same price category, it does more than well, being somewhere in the top of the charts.


Range (Flight Distance)

The Mew4 can fly about as far as the other drones, 600m away in perfect conditions.

However, because the live wifi signal is important, I would consider the limit to be somewhere under 400m in my experience.

Don't forget you'll need a 5G capable phone (802.11ac wifi) for the phone to connect to the wifi of the drone.

Max height and flight laws

The maximum height allowed to fly in the USA is  400feet which is just over 120m.

This drone can go up to 200m so you'll be more than okay in that regard.

It's preferred to always have the drone in sight, but even if it happens to lose it, these's always return to home option available. since you have GPS.

Drone alternatives compared

These are a few of the competitors for the Mew4, neatly compared in a table.

I made it easier to share it with your friends and decide which specs you like best.


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Is the 2k camera good or a failure?

Is the footage stabilized in any way?

The camera is the most disappointing factor when it comes to this drone, as you'd expect professional footage from such a good quality looking exterior.

No, the camera isn't stabilized in any way shape or form. It can only be swiveled up and down.

However, the image quality is usable for checking out the area, sightseeing and having fun with short clips for social media for example.

You can always stabilize the footage in post processing and make a pretty nice video out of it.

A really unique feature of this drone is the ability to move the camera to 180 degrees and swivel it from the transmitter itself.

This is a feature you can find in the Parrot Anafi and allows for some really interesting shots where the drone can actually look up. This could be interesting to fly underneath some trees or bridges.

Can the camera be upgraded?

You can't easily change the camera with another one.

A solud solution could be to attach a lightweight action camera to it and record with that. 

Since a camera replacement isn't a good solution, I recommend you get a more powerful drone that can handle an action camera, even with a gimbal attached.

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Parts and accessories

What accessories you NEED and where to get them from

There aren't any accessories released so far for the Mew4 from MJX, but as soon as they will be, I'm going to post them here.

Usually, having more than one battery, a good charger and a case should do the trick for beginner drones.

Spare Battery

You need at least one of these, as you might find yourself not having enough time in the air.​

A Good case​

Having a case for protecting the drone during travel and keeping all the accessories in one spot.

Multi Charger

No need to explain why you'd want to charge more than one battery at a time.

Design and Unboxing

As you can see in the image bellow, MJX obviously went for a mix between the Parrot Anafi and the DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

I love this design though and it's really close to what I would consider the perfect drone frame.

It comes with 1806 1800KV brushless motors that are way more durable and poweful than brushed ones.

And it comes in the package with the following:

  • Battery
  • Charger (with USB C)
  • Screwdriver
  • Remote
  • Strap for transmitter
  • Drone
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Transmitter And Mobile App

The transmitter looks a lot like the DJI Mavic one and that's a really good thing.

It's compact and very similar with the one on the MJX 4w.

It comes with the following functions and buttons:

  • left wheel doesn't do anything
  • right wheel changes the camera angle
  • buttons are simple to use and labeled
  • has a return to home button
  • an LCD display that shows battery life, signal strenght, distance, height and more
  • speed an light button


App and Flight Modes

The flight modes are the usual ones that come with GPS drones.

However, it feels like this drone does it a bit better than what I've been used to so far.

The follow me does a pretty good job, return to home is also quite precise and there's an orbit mode too.


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MJX Mew4 Price, Manual and Instructions

Let's figure out if this drone's low price point is worth it.

It's not easy to choose from the thousands of drones for sale.

But one good starting point is to have someone with a lot of experience giving you a thumbs up if the drone is actualy worth the money and where you can actually buy it.

Click on the tabs bellow to answer a few of these questions.

80 %
Last Amazon price update was: March 18, 2020 11:09 pm
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  • Worth it?
  • Where to Buy it?
  • Manual and Instructions

Is this drone worth the price?

The specs by themselves make this an incredibly worthy to buy drone for the price that it comes with.

However, sometimes the specs might not be relevant to the final performance, but we'll discuss that in more detail bellow.

Just so you know:

The camera specs for this drone are a bit deceiving as you might expect professional level footage with that 2k resolution, but it's still beginner level results in real life.

Where to buy it from?

I usually recommend either Amazon or a chinese supplier like banggood for buying these drones.

Amazon has faster shipping time(1-3 days) compared to up to 2 weeks for Banggood,

But Banggood is also reliable and has the cheaper prices usually. And sometimes you simply can't find the drone on Amazon.

Download the Manual and instructions

If you have problems starting the drone or even charging and connecting to the app, then go on and download the official Manual from here and follow the instructions there.

8.5 Total Score
MJX Mew4 - a drone that looks like it should cost more

Although the camera quality for the MEW4 is not good enough for professional use, the build, body components and flight functions are top notch and it's one of the best fliers MJX used.

Flight stability
Build Quality
  • very stable flight
  • foldable portable design
  • 180 degree camera turning angle
  • powerful brushless motors
  • great battery life
  • made from great materials
  • camera is not stabilized
  • 2k camera looks like 1080p

Specification: MJX Mew4 drone review – brushless GPS foldable

Package weight (kg)


Package Contents

1 x Aircraft ( Built-in Battery ), 1 x Remote Control, 8 x Propeller, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English Manual, 1 x CN Charger, 1 x Screwdriver

WeightOver 250g
Product weight (kg)



500 m


20 min

drone typeBeginner Drone
SpeedOver 20 km/h
obstacle avoidanceOnly has stability sensors
Remote TypeRemote + 5G Phone (802.11ac)
image-stabilizationNo Stabilization



Photos: MJX Mew4 drone review – brushless GPS foldable

3 reviews for MJX Mew4 drone review – brushless GPS foldable

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  1. Paul Archer

    The drone is great, but the lack of image stabilization is quite obvious

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  2. Cameron Rogers

    amazing drone. Ran it straight into a tree and it didnt break a thing. Got it stuck in another tree. Went to get it down, hit every branch on the way down. 25ft then bounced off my truck. Didnt even break a prop.

    + PROS: Durable
    - CONS: No image stabilization
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  3. Jonathan K Padgett

    I have the exact replica of this drone the VIVITAR Phoenix and it came with the works….super nice case ,2 batteries ,extra props…I out an xt30 connector on mine as well…so it would carry more types of batteries…that have to strpped on of course…and I can also charge the batteries in an hour with the Prophet Sport Mini hobby grade charger.
    Beat the crap out of waiting 8 to 10 hours for both batteries to charge.
    I can charge both batteries …(each at 2 amps)…in less than 2 hours…at 3 amps in an hour and a half.

    + PROS: Flys well ,built well,light weight pretty good range ...I got 758 meters...and that will usually happen early in the more right after sun up...altitude of 65 to 85 meters. Very stable. Super cool design Nice landing lights
    - CONS: I can only get 14 minutes out of mine before it totally lands...maybe the batteries get better with a few cycles. With a HV 2050 mah 2S...I was thinking atleast 17 minutes...guess it all depends...needs front lights...which I'm pretty positive I will install.
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    MJX Mew4 drone review – brushless GPS foldable
    MJX Mew4 drone review – brushless GPS foldable


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