Hi, I'm Paul

And I'm an SEO Specialist and Content Manager with over 6 years of total experience, and as you can see in my photo, a drone and tech enthusiast.

I also have experience being a Youtube content creator on my channel.

This is also the reason why the domain you're on right now is drone-related, one of my projects, which I'll present below in more detail.

I love doing SEO and helping companies get found by people on search engines and I love seeing websites grow.

Years of SEO experience
Sites I
 worked on

A short video presentation of me

My Skillset

Take a look at few of the skills I'm very proud of.

Keyword Research

  • Finding low competition - high traffic keywords
  • Using a variety of tools
  • Ranking for long tail KWs

Link Building

  • Outreach (using tools or manually)
  • Broken Link Building
  • Guest Post Link Building

Content Strategy

  • Writing and Editing Content
  • Managing teams and writers
  • Focus on search intent and google best practices

Web Developement

  • Wordpress/ Oxigen Builder/ Elementor
  • Web Design

Tools & Services I use

Tools are every SEOs best friend.

So here are some of my favorite ones that I use often

My Projects

Take a look at few of the skills I'm very proud of.

SEO Specialist @ RavenDigital

For the last 3 years, I worked as an SEO Specialis (Head of SEO) at Raven Digital. Raven Digital is an online agency that offers Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development services.​

During my time there, I've worked with some amazing clients. Ranging from small businesses all the way to Publicly Listed Companies.

Here are some of our clients:

Here were some of my responsabilities:

  • Keyword research
  • Managing people working on content
  • Title re-writing
  • Heading re-writing
  • Creating SEO Strategies
  • Marketing

Owner @ DronesGator

Dronesgator.com is an old project of mine intended to teach people everything about drones.

I first started this side project in 2016, but just recently have started to take it more seriously.

As you can see in the report below on ahrefs, my recent SEO efforts and content writing were very succesful.

I have experimented with creating links through cold outreach (automated) and had a mix between Skyscraper Link Building as well as Guest Posting.

The organic keywords went through the roof, as I was carefully analyzing low competition- medium traffic keywords.

The Graph above shows the distribution of my keyword positioning in the SERPs according to Ahrefs.

Recently, thanks to a tactic regarding topic relevance between my articles, I managed to create some topical authority for most of the articles I'm writing and I've seen quite the improvement.

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