Scoot Hands Drone - perfect drone for kids over 5 years old

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This drone, although looking weird is the best selling one on Amazon at the time of writing this article. The scoot Hands drone is so easy to use and safe that you can easily leave your small kids friends to play with it by themselves.

No transmitter whatsoever, only sensors to guide it with your hands and a pretty good 8minute battery life.

Although the quadcopter doesn't spec an amazing camera or fancy features, it's one of the most fun toys you can get to play with, even as an adult, at a party for example. Just try it!

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What to look for in a drone for kids

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Flight time can be especially important when it comes to kids drones, as it's going to be annoying for the little one to only have a short taste of how it's like, insead of properly playing for at least a few minutes.

The Scoot Hands drone can go to up to 8 minutes of flight time, which is quite a lot for this size.

Charging time is important mainly when there isn't the option to buy spare batteries.

The scoot drone doesn't have spare batteries, but it's cheap enough so you can buy two or more and play with the others while waiting. Total charging time:50min

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drone safety and prop guards

Drone safety is one of the things every parent should take a look at, for obvious reasons. Usually Prop guards and smaller drones are recommended for kids.

Scoot Hands is the pinnacle of safety, having a full body cover that doesn't let the propellers touch anything.

Ease of use is quite important when it comes to letting a kid fly a drone. So make sure the controls are simple to understand.

The scoot drone is as intuitive as it gets, no controller needed. Just push it in the direction you want by using the sensors.

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Scoot Drone Price and specs

This drone is definitely in the cheapest range. That's mainly because it doesn't come with a camera. However it does pack some technology when it comes to the sensors it has for moving around and detecting objects.

And yes, theoretically this drone has unlimited range, so you can go with it everywhere inside the house. 

It's not recommended to go outside as it can fly away since there is no controller.

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Scoot 2

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Scoot Drone Video Review

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scoot drone

Scoot Drone

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scoot drone

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