SG900 review - optical flow vs GPS version

sg900 review
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Battery Life

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This drone is definitely in the beginner/toy category. However, even though the price is low, you're be surprised what it offers. 

Being one of the more popular toy drones I've been requested to review lately, the original SG900 specs 20min battery life, a foldable design and a 720p camera.

Bellow are the current price offers from different shops, including Amazon.

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SG900 optical flow vs GPS version

sg900 optical flow camera version
drone battery life icon
Battery life: 20 min
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Range:100 m
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Camera Resolution [mdf_value key='medafi_5bf59188a90ad' reflection=0 post_id=3876]
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[mdf_value key='medafi_5bf590ee83664' reflection=0 post_id=3876] Motors
GPS version
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Battery life: 10 min
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Range: 100m
drone camera icon gimbal
Camera Resolution 1080p
drone motor
[mdf_value key='medafi_5bf590ee83664' reflection=0 post_id=5804] Motors

SG900-s is the GPS version of the original SG900, and besides replacing the optical flow camera with GPS it also has an improved 1080p camera and a micro SD card slot to save the video in there.

They are both very stable in the air, the disadvantage of the optical flow version when it comes to flight is that it can't fly higher than 10m or it will lose stability. The GPS version on the other hand can go up to 100m. When it comes to distance from you, both can go up to 100m maximum.

The GPS version also has the option to record video and photos on the micro SD card.

However, the GPS version has half the battery life of the non-gps version.


versus comparison table

sg900 Price and specs

The price category for both versions is under $100, however, the cheaper version can be even under $50 which is insane considering the competition.

I'm always comparing and rating drones by price, and this one is quite a champion for the price.

It does come with accessories like:

  • spare propellers
  • prop guards
  • charger
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sg900 drone folded down

Here's a daily price history, so you know if now is the right time to buy it.

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My sg900 Video Review

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Camera quality

sg900 camera shot

It doesn't come with any fancy gimbal like the very expensive drones from DJI, but what would you expect at this price.

Both versions have a tiltable camera, which means you can change the angle before flight depending on what you want to capture.

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20181025 111354 299


sg 900 drone small


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drone transmitter with buttons

The transmitter is quite unique, as it doesn't come with the option of inserting external alcaline batteries. But it works with an internal chargeable lipo.

Some of the standard transmitter functions are:

  • motor stop
  • headless mode
  • return home (much better on the GPS version, for obvious reasons)
  • start and stop video and photo buttons
  • on and off button

The buttons are pretty clearly shown with icons on the controller itself.

The phone holder also has a pretty interesting design that I haven't seen before.


sg900 alternatives (similar price)

sg 900 drone small

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